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The Magistrate

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Fri Jan 13, 2023, 10:01 AM Jan 2023

Enough Of This Goose-Cackle About Garland Being Impervious To Political Considerations [View all]

If a man's posture is that he is unmoved by political considerations, he must be unmoved by them from whatever direction they originate.

The fact is that Garland is primarily moved by political considerations, and never in an appropriate direction. He does not move quickly in a matter that needs speedy action, for fear of political fall-out if he does, and he moves quickly in a matter requiring no action at all for fear of political fallout if he doesn't.

I am very tired of people so concerned with what a righteous figure they cut. Strip this down to the bone Garland has the same fatal flaw as Comey: nothing is so important to him as showing everybody he's the last boy scout in Washington.

"What other people think of me is none of my damn business."

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+100000000 Pachamama Jan 2023 #1
"a matter requiring no action at all"? Seriously?! AllTooEasy Jan 2023 #92
Intent is the fine line between happenstance and criminality librechik Jan 2023 #102
"Willful retention" ThunderRoad Jan 2023 #116
We TRULY need to stop talking about Garland in this way. It is not right. secondwind Jan 2023 #2
But the one claudette Jan 2023 #10
When did Garland confide his personal feelings to you? wnylib Jan 2023 #54
He didn't claudette Jan 2023 #106
One does not need to confide their fear to me, I can see it in their actions and demeanor. Handler Jan 2023 #127
This Meowmee Jan 2023 #113
"the one" who committed ancianita Jan 2023 #125
The foot soldiers are low hanging fruit. Nothing is happening to the masterminds and ringleaders dalton99a Jan 2023 #13
Nothing yet padah513 Jan 2023 #15
The way the big boys moniss Jan 2023 #31
That's the plan. Coward McQarthy is already planning to undo MF45's impeachments. FoxNewsSucks Jan 2023 #44
????? wnylib Jan 2023 #57
It's actually been proposed by asshole House republicons in the last congress FoxNewsSucks Jan 2023 #68
Expunge it from House records dalton99a Jan 2023 #69
Good grief. wnylib Jan 2023 #85
Ugh Meowmee Jan 2023 #115
Who is "slow walking" the investigation? wnylib Jan 2023 #82
One would have to moniss Jan 2023 #103
"Which questions not to ask" gave us Kavanaugh on the Supreme (now Extreme) Court. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2023 #108
A very astute moniss Jan 2023 #123
Some musings. ShazzieB Jan 2023 #137
I truly hope to be entirely wrong about everything moniss Jan 2023 #150
exactly Evolve Dammit Jan 2023 #36
Yes Meowmee Jan 2023 #114
It Is An Interesting Point, Sir The Magistrate Jan 2023 #28
Perhaps we should look at what is slowing down the indictment of Trump. Bev54 Jan 2023 #72
And all of them got less jail time than a black guy with weed Marius25 Jan 2023 #33
+1 dalton99a Jan 2023 #34
+1 Bettie Jan 2023 #112
+1, uponit7771 Jan 2023 #139
Spot on! Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #46
It's always right to question. liberalmuse Jan 2023 #89
Mostly nobodies while the Puppetmasters roam free. Xoan Jan 2023 #95
Completely agree, sir. Glorfindel Jan 2023 #3
Oh. Dear. This is not good. Hekate Jan 2023 #4
And Much Regretted, Ma'am The Magistrate Jan 2023 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2023 #35
good analogy Evolve Dammit Jan 2023 #37
You're right, that's exactly the problem. FoxNewsSucks Jan 2023 #45
+1, uponit7771 Jan 2023 #140
Yes but the investigation may yet yield benefits if it turns out to be a wild goose chase bucolic_frolic Jan 2023 #5
I'm sure that entered his mind. panader0 Jan 2023 #12
Unfortunately, Sir The Magistrate Jan 2023 #18
Well said! happy feet Jan 2023 #130
Hear hear Sir! Solomon Jan 2023 #6
I agree Bettie Jan 2023 #7
Garland belongs in a law library dalton99a Jan 2023 #8
Imagine if he claudette Jan 2023 #11
He would have made a fantastic justice, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author claudette Jan 2023 #19
Yep Rebl2 Jan 2023 #30
For the claudette Jan 2023 #122
Great Descriptor! Goose-Cackle. msfiddlestix Jan 2023 #9
This goose absolutely disagrees. Magoo48 Jan 2023 #14
The fascist authoritarian insurrection has grown since 1/6/2021. gab13by13 Jan 2023 #22
there is a pattern here... mysteryowl Jan 2023 #20
Be fair to whom? gab13by13 Jan 2023 #23
+1, uponit7771 Jan 2023 #141
we just don't seem capable despite overwhelming events from '08 meltdown to 1/6 coup. Evolve Dammit Jan 2023 #38
Not true at all. The upcoming trial of the Proud Boys Phoenix61 Jan 2023 #21
Ah, the pyramid strategy, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #25
It's incredibly stupid to tolerate the obvious. jaxexpat Jan 2023 #67
This fantasy was discussed several times during the Oath Keepers trial Effete Snob Jan 2023 #71
Yep, zero justice in this country unless you are rich, well connected or fascist yaesu Jan 2023 #24
You nailed it, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #29
The US legal system is full of justice. markodochartaigh Jan 2023 #62
Well said. mn9driver Jan 2023 #26
Or pat him on the back. Xoan Jan 2023 #96
He moved with equal speed for similar reasons in appointing a special counsel onenote Jan 2023 #27
Go to the msnbc archives and watch yesterdays Deadline White House. gab13by13 Jan 2023 #32
So what lies behind the failure to act, whether it be torture, attacking a country that didn't Evolve Dammit Jan 2023 #43
We know there was no investigation because Mr Smith is now issuing subpoenas for basic information onecaliberal Jan 2023 #118
You are looking at the current situation with hindsight and PufPuf23 Jan 2023 #65
Often wondered if political considerations were directing his decisions. KS Toronado Jan 2023 #39
This post was alerted for "No Bashing of Democratic Figures." Earth-shine Jan 2023 #40
I'm not surprised. There are some here who favor censorship over discussion. FoxNewsSucks Jan 2023 #47
Well it hasn't been verified that he is a member but, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #48
"a repeat moderator for Federalist Society events" dalton99a Jan 2023 #49
That is a lie. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #50
A lie is a deliberate deception. You have evidence of this? Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2023 #110
I'm glad this OP stayed up LiberalLovinLug Jan 2023 #119
Your first paragraph KS Toronado Jan 2023 #146
Trashing! PortTack Jan 2023 #41
RFK bmichaelh Jan 2023 #42
How on earth did JFK get away with appointing his own brother as Attorney General? BlueCheeseAgain Jan 2023 #120
Another Comey. Another Mueller. kairos12 Jan 2023 #51
Political considerations have always moved all AGs, without exception. Beastly Boy Jan 2023 #52
Recognizing that one is in a position of having the "appearance of a conflict of interest" Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #64
That's a perfect example of how DOJ rules determine the political considerations of an AG, Beastly Boy Jan 2023 #76
AG Garland is acting as a responsible person in his position should. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #81
My fear exactly. Beastly Boy Jan 2023 #93
I have the same response. Populism is a clear threat to liberal democracy. Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #94
He acts so quickly ... Xoan Jan 2023 #97
Or he may think Biden will be quickly cleared, as there seems to be zero criminal intent, Just A Box Of Rain Jan 2023 #99
I agree. Progressive dog Jan 2023 #132
Do you think it was just coincidence gab13by13 Jan 2023 #66
Of course it wasn't a coincidence! Beastly Boy Jan 2023 #74
Garland was not bound to defend Trump (the office) in the E. Jean Carroll suit. gab13by13 Jan 2023 #77
I fail to see how any of the judges' decisions relieve an AG from Beastly Boy Jan 2023 #91
Well said. Thank you. n/t Peregrine Took Jan 2023 #53
Garland's rise to stardom sprung from McConnel's refusal to confirm him for SCOTUS msfiddlestix Jan 2023 #55
Remember this also, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #70
Indeed. Big Sigh for 'if only'. It is what it is, and learning to Accept..... msfiddlestix Jan 2023 #152
KICK orangecrush Jan 2023 #56
I've noticed an uptick in desperate rationalizations of Garland this week from his fans here BannonsLiver Jan 2023 #58
I've been fried here so many times over the last two years for saying the same. onecaliberal Jan 2023 #59
Yes you have. And you are appreciated. Scrivener7 Jan 2023 #109
I guess it's all out there now isn't it. onecaliberal Jan 2023 #117
He doesn't appear to be 'up to the job' at this stage. sprinkleeninow Jan 2023 #144
Re alerts on this op XanaDUer2 Jan 2023 #60
One Of These Days, Ma'am The Magistrate Jan 2023 #79
It's a great op XanaDUer2 Jan 2023 #83
That has been clear to me for a very long time. onecaliberal Jan 2023 #84
I'm not smart enough to know what to make of Garland. But what I do know, is my gut is Ninga Jan 2023 #61
Lady Justice wears a blindfold Duppers Jan 2023 #63
One thing which is rarely mentioned, markodochartaigh Jan 2023 #73
Nicely and truly stated, sir. (nt) Paladin Jan 2023 #75
Servants of the Damned: Giant Law Firms, Donald Trump, and the Corruption of Justice cbabe Jan 2023 #78
it might help if you bothered to mention that Biden is a public official bigtree Jan 2023 #80
Pettifoggery, Sir The Magistrate Jan 2023 #86
I don't need to agree with it to understand the DOJ reasoning bigtree Jan 2023 #101
Amen, bigtree. Thank you. ancianita Jan 2023 #128
Garland definitely political AncientOfDays Jan 2023 #87
And the crazy thing about it is that the MAGATs won't even care LiberalLovinLug Jan 2023 #121
I have no issue with an investigation of the docs. liberalmuse Jan 2023 #88
You're good! Because I read your post twice and I still don't know Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2023 #90
By the way, Where have you been? ismnotwasm Jan 2023 #98
Yes, exactly so, Sir. Well said! librechik Jan 2023 #100
Excellent post. Goodheart Jan 2023 #104
I believe he is a good man, but I believe you have it nailed Tom Rinaldo Jan 2023 #105
Well Said, Sir The Magistrate Jan 2023 #107
Ambition, perhaps? malthaussen Jan 2023 #134
Sir, it has come to the point that I want a Bobby Kennedy clone for AG, someone out for blood... Hekate Jan 2023 #111
+1, and that's the response we needed after a failed dictatorship take over of the country!! A ... uponit7771 Jan 2023 #143
Sir I think you'd. Love The Beat with Ari tonight malaise Jan 2023 #124
It is amazing that Garland can stand upright, missing a spine and all. Handler Jan 2023 #126
You bet. Garland is every bit as politically motivated as Comey. PatrickforB Jan 2023 #129
Comey's kabosh on HRC's potential victory. sprinkleeninow Jan 2023 #145
like it republianmushroom Jan 2023 #131
I tend to agree. malthaussen Jan 2023 #133
I will be adding "goose cackle" to my... 3catwoman3 Jan 2023 #135
A couple of things to point out. summer_in_TX Jan 2023 #136
1, Appointing horrid Trump DOJ lackeys to anything doesn't restore faith in DOJ, 2. is the BEST ... uponit7771 Jan 2023 #142
Good warning. summer_in_TX Jan 2023 #151
Golly! I forgot about you. Gore1FL Jan 2023 #138
I told everyone Snoopy 7 Jan 2023 #147
+1, we see the GQP as the mafia because they tried to install TFG as dictator and people were killed uponit7771 Jan 2023 #153
Makes wonder what kind of SCOTUS justice he would have been? Samrob Jan 2023 #148
Exactly. Well said. Owl Jan 2023 #149
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