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Rachel Maddow podcast: Ultra unc70 Dec 2022 #1
Was gonna say the same thing. Happy Hoosier Dec 2022 #4
I think the Vegas odds would be they would've sided with the Axis. MarineCombatEngineer Dec 2022 #2
I completely agree. GP6971 Dec 2022 #34
Hey DSB. Great poll. emulatorloo Dec 2022 #3
I could see them sarisataka Dec 2022 #5
An unanswered question is the amount of profit Tetrachloride Dec 2022 #6
Neither. They are isolationists. Kaleva Dec 2022 #7
Well, so many never did college, and live in trailers parks and their mom's basements Hugh_Lebowski Dec 2022 #8
Well Prescott Bush, W's grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer and dugog55 Dec 2022 #9
George H W Bush had to fight in the Pacific because he certainly could not fight his family friends keithbvadu2 Dec 2022 #13
That is really an outrageous smear and not appreciated by this son of a Naval/Marine Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #17
Not everyone's family supported the Nazis even as we were at war with them. keithbvadu2 Dec 2022 #19
Well, we had a beloved president from our party who fought (and nearly died) in the Pacific Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #20
"appeased" keithbvadu2 Dec 2022 #21
Yes. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #23
Yes LeftInTX Dec 2022 #24
I forgot about Joe K LeftInTX Dec 2022 #22
But his progeny did more than separate themselves from his noxious views. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2022 #25
Exactly. LeftInTX Dec 2022 #26
Not a good excuse for smearing the World War II service of GHW Bush. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #27
I didn't do that. I don't think Bush Pere was a NAZI. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2022 #28
My apologies. I think I misinterpreted your post. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #31
I think the literal Nazis would ally themselves with the other literal Nazis Takket Dec 2022 #10
No brainer: Turbineguy Dec 2022 #11
They would have split about 60/40 for the allies Tom Rinaldo Dec 2022 #12
Pretty sure they are the direct ideological descendents of... jcgoldie Dec 2022 #14
Axis jonstl08 Dec 2022 #15
This is the exact same segment of the population that wanted to stay under the British Crown... A HERETIC I AM Dec 2022 #16
Staying under the British crown in retrospect might not have been the worst idea ColinC Dec 2022 #18
I'm from a German American family Trenzalore Dec 2022 #29
MAGA is the Axis iemanja Dec 2022 #30
If MAGA had been around during the 40s, we'd currently be under Nazi rule. Initech Dec 2022 #32
Their equivalents at that time DID side with the Axis JHB Dec 2022 #33
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