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totally tired of Musk vlyons Dec 2022 #1
It's becoming a field of goose shit purr-rat beauty Dec 2022 #2
Tired of Trump, tired of True Blue American Dec 2022 #3
Honestly, USE THE DAMNED IGNORE, TRASH, and KEYWORD features! hlthe2b Dec 2022 #4
Then take your own advice...? W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #7
I do the service you refuse to by actually educating how to use the features to hlthe2b Dec 2022 #8
No, it doesn't. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #10
It is NOT 95% of DU. It's 95% of the people who bothered to vote in your poll. People who highplainsdem Dec 2022 #27
I'll add you and the other one that magically now don't want to vote in polls. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #31
Have you checked the recs on this OP? Emrys Dec 2022 #33
Have you checked the DU recs on the Musk posts? W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #35
No, I have better things to do with my time. But if that's the level you want to argue at, Emrys Dec 2022 #36
I don't even know what the journal function is. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #44
"the majority of DU agrees with me" Emrys Dec 2022 #51
If you and the other pro-Musk crowd were so confident in your numbers... W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #55
No. We skipped a stupid poll. That's all. Emrys Dec 2022 #57
You skipped a poll because you know you would lose the poll. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #59
I think you overestimate how much other people are invested in all this compared to you. Emrys Dec 2022 #60
I don't respond to you for your sake. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #61
It isn't "magical" that people who don't agree with you would skip highplainsdem Dec 2022 #38
Defensive much? W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #43
I'm not the one being defensive. And I've explained why Musk and Twitter get so much highplainsdem Dec 2022 #45
Thank you for mentioning this great feature. Xavier Breath Dec 2022 #12
I had that dude on my trash list way back when people couldn't stop talking about his tv show. Iggo Dec 2022 #16
This 👆 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2022 #18
i dislike the inundation of twit shaming. mopinko Dec 2022 #5
I only open a small percentage of all of the post. If a subject doesn't interest me, Chainfire Dec 2022 #6
I don't open many of them either, but they crowd out other... W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #9
Just because some of us have chosen not to vote at all in your poll Emrys Dec 2022 #13
+1 dalton99a Dec 2022 #14
I would say it's more indicative of the feeling around here than not. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #15
You phrased your poll question to attract the people who agree with you and highplainsdem Dec 2022 #17
Inundated is an accurate description of it. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #22
"I'll count you as the pro-Musk crowd" Emrys Dec 2022 #25
+1,000,000 highplainsdem Dec 2022 #24
What I dislike is the multiple posts saying the same damn thing. GoCubsGo Dec 2022 #11
Attention DU: I do not need to know every time Musk farts on twitter. It is not news ZonkerHarris Dec 2022 #19
I realized quite some time ago sarisataka Dec 2022 #20
Are we tired of a megalomaniac man baby authoritarian 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2022 #21
It isn't putting our heads in the sand. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #23
I said my head. You can do with yours as you wish. 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2022 #29
I honestly could not care any less about what Elon Musk says, does or who he is. lees1975 Dec 2022 #26
This isn't about Musk. It's about the compromise of a global town hall w fascist influences. FlyingPiggy Dec 2022 #28
It's a shit show. And it will continue to be a shit show as long as Musk as the owner. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #32
Your ill tempered argument could be said for all of politics. FlyingPiggy Dec 2022 #40
Not really. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #48
Your monthly "I hate X and so should you" post..... brooklynite Dec 2022 #30
It's a poll. W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #34
DU only has 63 users? Seems like more. brooklynite Dec 2022 #39
Do you expect tens of thousands of DUers to participate in a poll? W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #47
No, but neither do I expect someone to extrapolate DU opinion from 63 votes. brooklynite Dec 2022 #49
Then I guess we can never figure out how DU feels then, huh? W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #50
I think we can maybe gauge admin's attitude from something that happened yesterday Emrys Dec 2022 #52
Or the pro-Musk crowd whined about since technically it probably would not explicitly violate... W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #53
For the gazillionth and last time. Emrys Dec 2022 #54
I know, I speak for myself... W_HAMILTON Dec 2022 #58
I really don't give a rip Hekate Dec 2022 #37
I got off Twitter and appreciate those who are still there and share so I don't have to be Iris Dec 2022 #41
I just counted 10 OPs on the first page of GD Mosby Dec 2022 #42
Don't care either way. I could use the auto trash function if it annoyed me. Kaleva Dec 2022 #46
Some like it hot. nt BootinUp Dec 2022 #56
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