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15. No buts, I also don't eat at Chic fil a, or shop at Hoppy Lobby
Fri Dec 2, 2022, 06:41 PM
Dec 2022

Same concept... people need to stop using and get off the platform as it is currently run.

If anything, Musk and the mess he is creating is way worse than even those companies...!

I am already boycotting any threads on DU, or anywhere else, that use Twitter for sourcing.

DU was way to Twitter driven for sourcing even before this...

I -- and other -- will continue to use and cross post from Twitter. brooklynite Dec 2022 #1
Post still doesn't have the capacity Bettie Dec 2022 #5
I am completely unimportant, Chellee Dec 2022 #12
I have dog photos Bettie Dec 2022 #14
I'm not at all surprised. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #8
Yes RandiFan1290 Dec 2022 #2
Here's one for ya BWdem4life Dec 2022 #11
Twitter may well be on its way to becoming a complete cesspool, but ... Whiskeytide Dec 2022 #3
I will go elsewhere for my tasty chicken sandwich... or, errr posts JCMach1 Dec 2022 #16
Left twitter when Musk took over. Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #4
So did I. lees1975 Dec 2022 #28
I'd have no problem with it. As it is, I very seldom click on Scrivener7 Dec 2022 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Atticus Dec 2022 #7
Sounds like a proactive stance.... FarPoint Dec 2022 #9
I boycott them already. Chainfire Dec 2022 #13
No. Elessar Zappa Dec 2022 #10
No buts, I also don't eat at Chic fil a, or shop at Hoppy Lobby JCMach1 Dec 2022 #15
Good luck! Treefrog Dec 2022 #17
I've never been H2O Man Dec 2022 #18
And take Facebook along with it luv2fly Dec 2022 #19
Like pocketbook activism, its click-it activism. Prairie_Seagull Dec 2022 #20
Rec. nt BlackSkimmer Dec 2022 #21
:) I'm not a beast, Atticus. No to killing off prematurely and wrongly. Hortensis Dec 2022 #22
I think that there should be a separate forum for all social media posts grantcart Dec 2022 #23
I think there should be a separate forum iemanja Dec 2022 #24
Arranging similar type posts is now "censorship" grantcart Dec 2022 #29
This post is in the context of endless others iemanja Dec 2022 #30
That is completely untrue, a flat out lie. grantcart Dec 2022 #31
Yes that may be a good idea Meowmee Dec 2022 #25
Agreed luv2fly Dec 2022 #34
What's the "site that shall not be named?" Polybius Dec 2022 #26
At very least, I think the Twitter button on posts gotta GO. nt Maru Kitteh Dec 2022 #27
no Hamlette Dec 2022 #32
So much drama over nothing. Xolodno Dec 2022 #33
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