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Love leighbythesea2 Nov 2022 #1
Someone at her office should dweller Nov 2022 #2
I'm afraid we won't get this done in time for the funoff wryter2000 Nov 2022 #3
We can do it next week. iemanja Nov 2022 #4
I have a hellish week next week wryter2000 Nov 2022 #15
I'm good with that, and we could start the Warnock donations very soon, like tomorrow. iemanja Nov 2022 #16
Well, we could ask people to donate to Warnock iemanja Nov 2022 #5
Should be sent to her office. Gets EVERYBODY talking on Capitol Hill. calimary Nov 2022 #27
She's in San Francisco, not DC iemanja Nov 2022 #28
Well, ready for your recommendations. calimary Nov 2022 #30
I see iemanja Nov 2022 #31
Oh good! Thanks for your part in this effort, iemanja! calimary Nov 2022 #32
my vote is send flowers to shut ins in her name, ask her office which hospital hospice, etc or DCCC Hamlette Nov 2022 #6
The Pelosi's will never get the flowers... WarGamer Nov 2022 #7
We have someone who knows some of her staff iemanja Nov 2022 #8
I'd personally propose something like... WarGamer Nov 2022 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author iemanja Nov 2022 #10
Cute idea wryter2000 Nov 2022 #12
It's a such a sweet, delightful idea, and unfortunately some MAGAt would ruin it. electric_blue68 Nov 2022 #22
I thought we might work with security to send them through them wryter2000 Nov 2022 #13
I changed my vote wryter2000 Nov 2022 #11
Best to send 1 large bouquet to Nancy and BlueGreenLady Nov 2022 #14
Send Paul Nancy about 200 Roses and then give the rest to a charity that they might like. Botany Nov 2022 #17
I'm in senegal1 Nov 2022 #18
How about something like this iemanja Nov 2022 #19
kick iemanja Nov 2022 #20
Maybe we could send a card to her and Paul and all the rest goes to Warnock's FlyingPiggy Nov 2022 #21
Looks like the Warnock option is winning iemanja Nov 2022 #25
As long as I could use a credit card - then I'm in. electric_blue68 Nov 2022 #23
Judging by the votes above, a little would go to Gofundme for the flowers iemanja Nov 2022 #24
I figured I could, but wanted to double-check 👍 electric_blue68 Nov 2022 #26
Donation to Warnock link here iemanja Nov 2022 #29
Bit of DU trivia (and a weird coincidence) EarlG Nov 2022 #33
That's so cool iemanja Nov 2022 #34
Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2022 #35
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