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Wed Nov 9, 2022, 01:08 AM Nov 2022

This is a disaster for the Republicans [View all]

The first mid-term for a new president is supposed to be a shellacking by the opposition, and they blew it. Yes, we've taken a few tough losses. But this is no red tsunami.

Just more proof, in case you needed it, that the GOP is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Reality slaps them in the face once again.

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They were aiming for 40-60 seats gain in the House. Claustrum Nov 2022 #1
I laughed every time I heard that PortTack Nov 2022 #10
If they outperform the polls by maybe 5-10 points, Claustrum Nov 2022 #13
Yes, I read yesterday True Blue American Nov 2022 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author markodochartaigh Nov 2022 #21
True NowISeetheLight Nov 2022 #50
Awwwwwwww ......... CountAllVotes Nov 2022 #74
Trump may be the GOP's biggest loser of the night. BlueIdaho Nov 2022 #2
Indeed! PortTack Nov 2022 #11
and Mar a Lago is being evacuated because of Nicole. SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2022 #34
How great would it be if Mar a Lago got destroyed after this Dopers_Greed Nov 2022 #42
Not very good. royable Nov 2022 #45
Those "preachers" will ignore it as they ignore 95% of the bible already. jaxexpat Nov 2022 #58
Let him keep picking candidates yankee87 Nov 2022 #35
Cheato Takes Full Responsi-- *snort* Sorry, Couldn't Type That With A Straight Face smb Nov 2022 #54
And a terrible night for Trump! Doodley Nov 2022 #3
Yeah I mean this is a disasters Repubs DestinyIsles Nov 2022 #4
this is a historical holding of the line by the democrats fishwax Nov 2022 #5
I relish the fact that the orange mass must be losing it about now! PortTack Nov 2022 #6
The DOJ can now announce INDICTMENTS of TDFG.... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #9
This election should not had been a factor in the sham policy. LiberalFighter Nov 2022 #63
They should really do it before he announces. n/t NH Ethylene Nov 2022 #71
TDFG will not have the protection of candidacy against federal indictments. ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2022 #72
Absolutely. A total cock up. BannonsLiver Nov 2022 #7
Thank you, EarlG Hekate Nov 2022 #8
indeed blogslug Nov 2022 #12
TY.. It's another red Mirage. Cha Nov 2022 #14
You ain't lyin", bud!!!!! Stinky The Clown Nov 2022 #15
And Trump, and SCOTUS. nt Ilsa Nov 2022 #16
❤️ littlemissmartypants Nov 2022 #17
I will be going to sleep with a big smile on my face. BigmanPigman Nov 2022 #18
One word that Magats won't be saying tomorrow - Mandate. gab13by13 Nov 2022 #19
Indeed? calimary Nov 2022 #31
That is exactly what they are going to say. Reality has no meaning for them. niyad Nov 2022 #64
Keep sucking up to TFG, retrumplicans. SergeStorms Nov 2022 #20
I attribute it in great part to women & young people who turned out and ROE'ed their VOTE!! onetexan Nov 2022 #22
It really is! We're knocking them back on their heels. nolabear Nov 2022 #23
And all the "experts" who predicted "a red wave" question everything Nov 2022 #24
+1 CountAllVotes Nov 2022 #75
Woo HOO!! blue-wave Nov 2022 #25
OMG! Really? calimary Nov 2022 #32
It is wryter2000 Nov 2022 #26
Right now I'm feeling great. BlueCheeseAgain Nov 2022 #27
Perhaps they need Whigs Kennah Nov 2022 #28
Kick & highly recommended. William769 Nov 2022 #29
But EARL ..... ???? DemocraticPatriot Nov 2022 #30
Why, yes it is, EarlG! SheltieLover Nov 2022 #33
Maybe the People have risen up to save Democracy??? YoshidaYui Nov 2022 #36
Recommended. H2O Man Nov 2022 #37
House now projected at 218-217 Johnny2X2X Nov 2022 #38
If Democrats hold the House with a slim majority EarlG Nov 2022 #39
I have a feeling it will be like the 2016-2018 congress if Dems lose control by a slim margin. chriscan64 Nov 2022 #48
218 GQP - 217 Dems? maxsolomon Nov 2022 #77
Gee, that's too bad ailsagirl Nov 2022 #40
Agreed Dopers_Greed Nov 2022 #41
Okay, have had unexpected family drop through and keeping up with politics on election night... czarjak Nov 2022 #43
Hey, we've been hiding all night. calimary Nov 2022 #46
I'll feel better when the dust completely settles it could be days. CentralMass Nov 2022 #44
Too early to tell the outcome yet. Aussie105 Nov 2022 #47
what I just woke up bdamomma Nov 2022 #49
Warnock hasn't been called yet. Likely will go to a runoff, but that, from what I seem to Scrivener7 Nov 2022 #52
I couldn't care less. Happy for the Democratic Party. The rethugs are a bunch of liars with no akbacchus_BC Nov 2022 #51
"a disaster for Republicans" Woot! Roisin Ni Fiachra Nov 2022 #53
They'd never win anything FoxNewsSucks Nov 2022 #55
So true. SammyWinstonJack Nov 2022 #62
If it hadn't been markodochartaigh Nov 2022 #56
That's my favorite song! In It to Win It Nov 2022 #57
I can hear a resounding national (hell, international) sigh of relief. hlthe2b Nov 2022 #59
Not in North Carolina yardwork Nov 2022 #60
We lost the state supreme court! MyMission Nov 2022 #70
Recommended. panader0 Nov 2022 #61
I wish it would slap them upside the head in Florida. Pacifist Patriot Nov 2022 #66
Looking forward to the Repube's "re-branding" efforts. Paladin Nov 2022 #67
Their voter fraud claims may have discouraged some of their voters IronLionZion Nov 2022 #68
Now they know how it feels when you're crimson wave doesn't happen. CrispyQ Nov 2022 #69
Fortunately, Repubes keep making remarkably big blunders, such as succeeding in stripping away LaMouffette Nov 2022 #73
Nailed it republianmushroom Nov 2022 #76
"Just more proof, in case we needed it..." Septua Nov 2022 #78
Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all blue, huge for 2024. sarcasmo Nov 2022 #79
Still no red wave! Emile Nov 2022 #80
I love this! tosh Nov 2022 #81
They believed their own content creators station agent Nov 2022 #82
I had surgery today and purposely did not watch phylny Nov 2022 #83
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