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Thu Oct 6, 2022, 02:41 PM Oct 2022

Fentanyl is real and what you hear is true! [View all]

I feel compelled to write this because I've read some posts here on DU that deny this is happening.

I am a mother who has lost a child to fentanyl poisoning. Every year on August 31, CT host an overdose awareness day at the state capital. I have been involved with this group since 2019. We are losing 274 young people a day to Fentanyl and that's a fact.

In 2019 when I got my phone call from Hartford police in regards to my son John it changed my life.
I got connected with a man named John Lally, he had lost his son in 2016 to fentanyl poisoning. John created a support group of "Today I Matter," after his son TiM. He coordinates CT overdose awareness day on August 31. (he travels around the country)

This past year on overdose awareness day John was invited to Washington DC to meet with Doulas Emhoff, our second gentleman and Dr. Rahul Gupta the director of national drug control to discuss Fentanyl deaths and fentanyl coming over the border. (it has been coming over for many many years). Our goal is to make Fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction. My Granddaughter comes with me to the capital every year and this year she got educated on rainbow fentanyl and she's 10.

I can't for the life of me understand how this became a political issue but I need help in making it stop. I'm reaching out to DU today to ask that you please stop joking about it. Rainbow Fentanyl is real and we just had a bust here in Hartford with rainbow fentanyl being transported in skittles bags and nerd boxes of candy. Now I know Halloween is coming and the fears of fentanyl being given out is no greater than the razor blade in the apple thing.

The new fentanyl called "carfentanil" is more powerful than regular fentanyl. ODs from carfentanil need multiple narcans because it's that strong. I've had people come into detox who were narcanned 4 or 5 times. When we do the drug test on them, there's cocaine and multiple drugs in their body. When we ask them about it they swear they only did "fetti". Point being the makers don't care about cross contamination of other drugs.

It's only getting attention now because recreational users are dying from Fentanyl. They could be a college student wanting to stay up to study for exams and they buy adderall. It has the correct markings of adderall so one would think it's a real adderall but it is not. It's the same with percocets and even pot has been found laced with fentanyl.

You can google everything I have typed here if you don't believe me and you will see it's real. With that said I can't be the only DU person who's had someone die of fentanyl, it's that rampant.

Thank you to those who read this.

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My friend's daughter died of fentanyl overdose last year. Elessar Zappa Oct 2022 #1
thank you but Tickle Oct 2022 #3
I understand. Elessar Zappa Oct 2022 #4
Having just finished reading through the responses bluecollar2 Oct 2022 #146
I am sorry for the grief you have endured. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2022 #2
My son is a CO Tickle Oct 2022 #7
that is a proven myth. You can't absorb enough via the skin or in the air to OD RAB910 Oct 2022 #8
you are wrong nt Tickle Oct 2022 #9
NO! no I am absolutely not wrong. FACTS matter and misinformation is dangerous RAB910 Oct 2022 #14
ok, this is what happened Tickle Oct 2022 #23
first responders and others have had panic and anxiety attacks or their ailments were psychosomatic RAB910 Oct 2022 #29
I know this is a difficult thing to talk about but Disaffected Oct 2022 #40
I don't and this was almost a year Tickle Oct 2022 #43
he is not lying, he is simply wrong RAB910 Oct 2022 #58
thanks for the article Tickle Oct 2022 #60
The problem I have with people ODing from Fentanyl just on their skin is that is the way Maraya1969 Oct 2022 #127
I'm sure it really happened, though RAB910 is correct on the science. Jirel Oct 2022 #67
Handle fentanyl and chew your nails NickB79 Oct 2022 #121
The COs probably took a hit of it. fescuerescue Oct 2022 #135
What I was thinking. Ligyron Oct 2022 #141
Fact again! kooth Oct 2022 #64
No, the poster is correct obamanut2012 Oct 2022 #19
I have seen pharmacokinetic data on patch formulations. NNadir Oct 2022 #32
ok I will Tickle Oct 2022 #34
Doctor told us to be very careful with packaging for patches as child could die Lettuce Be Oct 2022 #44
thank you Tickle Oct 2022 #54
not exactly RAB910 Oct 2022 #57
Thank you so very much. Ligyron Oct 2022 #145
First off, Rx fentanyl patches are specifically formulated with gels to make the drug absorb Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #63
+1 ProfessorGAC Oct 2022 #102
Much obliged, Prof Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #103
The mean fatal blood concentration of fentanyl is 10 nanograms per ml. NNadir Oct 2022 #128
I'm well aware of the relative potency of fentanyl NNadir. Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #129
You are assuming that illicitly manufactured stuff is safer than legally manufactured stuff. NNadir Oct 2022 #131
I didn't mean 'safer' I meant 'less pure'. Less pure means less dangerous to handle generally Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #134
Regarding your Reason #3 DoUListenWhenUHear Oct 2022 #144
You ARE familiar with the way alcohol quickly evaporates, yes? Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #147
A fact ... kooth Oct 2022 #62
Be VERY CAREFUL with fentanyl patches. forgotmylogin Oct 2022 #72
There is also the possibility that people toss unused or barely used patches! LeftInTX Oct 2022 #90
Fentanyl patches are used post-surgery on pets. ET Awful Oct 2022 #139
This message was self-deleted by its author ET Awful Oct 2022 #140
I am trying to find these reports and am coming up short Politicub Oct 2022 #148
Here's an FDA page about fentanyl patch safety. forgotmylogin Oct 2022 #151
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Oct 2022 #73
Chillicothe prison Bear Creek Oct 2022 #82
Old article from when the myth was rampant RAB910 Oct 2022 #92
Not a myth Bear Creek Oct 2022 #104
You can repeat it, but it doesn't make it true RAB910 Oct 2022 #109
You can repeat it Bear Creek Oct 2022 #120
How can you repeatedly deny facts?!?! RAB910 Oct 2022 #133
Interesting... BlackSkimmer Oct 2022 #136
NIOSH Bear Creek Oct 2022 #105
Page last reviewed: February 11, 2020 RAB910 Oct 2022 #137
How about an FDA page from 7/21/2021? forgotmylogin Oct 2022 #152
this RAB910 Oct 2022 #155
Well, you've certainly convinced me. forgotmylogin Oct 2022 #161
. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2022 #15
A recent DEA press release Kaleva Oct 2022 #5
The thing is, those are not "made to look like candy to children and young people" muriel_volestrangler Oct 2022 #156
So the Biden Administration is fear mongering ? Kaleva Oct 2022 #157
The DEA part of it is, yes. He should bring them back to reality. muriel_volestrangler Oct 2022 #159
I don't read every post but I have pwb Oct 2022 #6
More along the lines of "parents think Halloween candy is fentanyl because FOX told them so" Hekate Oct 2022 #24
Fox News, Lauren Boebert and others are absolutely lying about this. yardwork Oct 2022 #111
DEA says the leading supplier of fentanyl is China RAB910 Oct 2022 #10
please leave politics Tickle Oct 2022 #13
please keep this factual RAB910 Oct 2022 #16
we are done talking Tickle Oct 2022 #18
my job literally involved drug overdoses, so spare me the lecture RAB910 Oct 2022 #30
You are again spreading misinformation obamanut2012 Oct 2022 #20
Normally I would stop Tickle Oct 2022 #26
Nobody here is lying CloudWatcher Oct 2022 #66
Everything in our country is political. BannonsLiver Oct 2022 #80
The Republicans made it political and they're using it to win elections. yardwork Oct 2022 #113
Plenty of it is made in America IronLionZion Oct 2022 #51
Although the main supplier is China, if fentanyl is coming from MX, it's coming from MX LeftInTX Oct 2022 #87
Thank you for your efforts in this thread. yardwork Oct 2022 #112
It makes me mad as well RAB910 Oct 2022 #114
All we can do is keep stating facts. You're doing a great job. yardwork Oct 2022 #116
I'm very sorry for your loss. Just A Box Of Rain Oct 2022 #11
Los Angeles Times did a recent front pager on rainbow fentanyl after a couple of 15 year olds ... Hekate Oct 2022 #12
exactly Tickle Oct 2022 #17
Same thing Rebl2 Oct 2022 #78
This is exactly what's happening, and it's heartbreaking. yardwork Oct 2022 #115
Who around here is saying that it's not 'real'? Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #21
Agree with everything you've posted, plus... yardwork Oct 2022 #117
Agreed. And even just a mandatory 5 mins of counseling from a professional Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #123
And, while we're planning... how about addressing the root causes of despair. yardwork Oct 2022 #126
+1000 (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #132
Thank you. My nephew's best friend lost his mother to an OD. NNadir Oct 2022 #22
I hate those stories Tickle Oct 2022 #25
I'm sorry for your loss nt XanaDUer2 Oct 2022 #27
I'm sorry Baggies Oct 2022 #28
All too real? Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #42
Exactly Baggies Oct 2022 #48
That would track more closely with 'evil people' than the fact that there's a lot of fentanyl around Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #53
In general I agree. Baggies Oct 2022 #55
What year are we talking here? Just curious ... Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author róisín_dubh Oct 2022 #31
I don't think anyone is downplaying or denying a deadly epidemic of Fentanyl overdoses. Aristus Oct 2022 #33
agree Tickle Oct 2022 #37
Little town of 1200 people near me had four Fentanyl deaths in one week. Midnight Writer Oct 2022 #35
it's sad and a small town Tickle Oct 2022 #39
Fentanyl is ravaging small towns, and local cops (often part-time constables) can't stop it. Midnight Writer Oct 2022 #45
I must have missed the thread(s) where.... SergeStorms Oct 2022 #36
There never was any such thread. Mariana Oct 2022 #84
Well I did make a joke that I'd be trick or treating this year Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #86
You don't want any of that stuff.... SergeStorms Oct 2022 #95
In the opioid world that shit is the equivalent of year-old brown mexi-dirt weed smuggled Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #96
Hardcore, Dude. SergeStorms Oct 2022 #124
And now, workday is over so just ate a 5mg Indica gummie I procured totally legally in AZ Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #125
Well, I get the hard stuff legally.... SergeStorms Oct 2022 #130
OK, thanks. SergeStorms Oct 2022 #94
Agree inthewind21 Oct 2022 #91
You've got to be careful. There's always been crazy people doing things like that rockfordfile Oct 2022 #38
Sorry for your situation. Caliman73 Oct 2022 #41
Well said as usual (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2022 #46
Well said obamanut2012 Oct 2022 #47
fuck republicans Tickle Oct 2022 #49
+1 chowder66 Oct 2022 #56
Excellent. Thanks. yardwork Oct 2022 #118
Again, well said. Prairie_Seagull Oct 2022 #160
Fentanyl is real and is dangerous. That doesn't mean we shouldn't push back on hyperbole. fishwax Oct 2022 #50
I was going to post something similar, Mr.Bill Oct 2022 #153
sorry. fentanyl is a nasty piece of work stopdiggin Oct 2022 #52
Fentanyl is an ugly drug, I hated using it in the hospital Warpy Oct 2022 #59
Thanks for posting this, Tickles. momta Oct 2022 #61
I agree with you DashOneBravo Oct 2022 #75
Very distressed to hear of your suffering. grantcart Oct 2022 #68
My childhood friend's beloved grandson, Nick, died of a fentanyl overdose last year at 24. deurbano Oct 2022 #69
It only takes 2 milligrams to be fatal - enough to fit on a pencil tip FakeNoose Oct 2022 #70
That's the problem 2abigbman Oct 2022 #71
yes! Tickle Oct 2022 #85
This message was self-deleted by its author 2abigbman Oct 2022 #74
This mom of a heroin addict is glad to see this thread. mountain grammy Oct 2022 #76
you are in my thoughts Tickle Oct 2022 #83
Thank you and you're in mine mountain grammy Oct 2022 #119
I'm so sorry vercetti2021 Oct 2022 #77
There's a difference between a rational, contemplative response to an issue and fear mongering BannonsLiver Oct 2022 #79
Good Morning America has a video 5Oct DashOneBravo Oct 2022 #81
I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when OxyContin bronxiteforever Oct 2022 #88
I'm sorry for your loss. no_hypocrisy Oct 2022 #89
so many sad stories Tickle Oct 2022 #98
My goddaughter's grandfather was raising her. He's now raising his great granddaughter. no_hypocrisy Oct 2022 #99
Thank goodness he has you in his life Tickle Oct 2022 #101
75. The oldest and dearest friend. no_hypocrisy Oct 2022 #107
Thank you for posting this. jalan48 Oct 2022 #93
Whose goal; what do you mean by this sentence? Who is saying this??? Sogo Oct 2022 #97
The group in CT that does the overdose awareness. Tickle Oct 2022 #100
K and r... BlackSkimmer Oct 2022 #106
I've lost multiple friends to fentanyl Johnny2X2X Oct 2022 #108
I'm very sorry for your loss. yardwork Oct 2022 #110
Awareness is all we can do, I am aware, was before this, this aint the first crazy dangerous thing. Brainfodder Oct 2022 #122
I am so sorry for your loss. Pacifist Patriot Oct 2022 #138
I didn't realize anyone did not think fentanyl and the many articles about the overdose problem Martin68 Oct 2022 #142
Worrisome for sure. 274 A day? Damn! czarjak Oct 2022 #143
I'm sorry about what happened to you. Politicub Oct 2022 #149
For the love of... Iggo Oct 2022 #150
I have seen this post for a while...and what I read on DU was how folks on the right are claiming Demsrule86 Oct 2022 #154
What is "fetti" that people say they only have taken? LymphocyteLover Oct 2022 #158
India and China are manufacturing the poisons GusBob Oct 2022 #162
Fentanyl is definitely real and killing so many by overdose. mahina Oct 2022 #163
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