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Sun Sep 25, 2022, 12:27 PM Sep 2022

MSNBC panelist goes there. Judy Gold on Lindsey Graham: [View all]

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Homophobia is never funny or cool sorry FreeState Sep 2022 #1
Thank you. Bucky Sep 2022 #21
Thanks elleng Sep 2022 #31
This! Docreed2003 Sep 2022 #32
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #36
exactly!!! CatWoman Sep 2022 #37
Extra protection? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #70
Don't bother. Lunabell Sep 2022 #104
There are some people here who seem to be very proud of their homophobia. n/t demmiblue Sep 2022 #45
Yup nt AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #50
Probably the same ones who defended the Defense of Marriage Act back in the 90's. Lunabell Sep 2022 #105
Judy Gold is gay ffs Arazi Sep 2022 #46
Judy Gold is gay. GoCubsGo Sep 2022 #55
and there are some on this thread who keeps purposely ignoring that fact CatWoman Sep 2022 #58
Because it's irrelevant? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #62
X 1000 n/t FreeState Sep 2022 #65
it's relevant in that she is the messenger CatWoman Sep 2022 #66
Yeah, you are. Iggo Sep 2022 #96
Candies Owens is black FreeState Sep 2022 #64
It's really sad to see it on DU. Lunabell Sep 2022 #113
There are gay republicans. Lunabell Sep 2022 #106
Which ones are doing that? GoCubsGo Sep 2022 #107
You don't get a pass for homophobia just because you're gay. Lunabell Sep 2022 #109
Thank you. Treefrog Sep 2022 #94
No. This is childish and stupid. underpants Sep 2022 #2
I don't think we should call women childish and stupid. Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #7
I don't care who said it. underpants Sep 2022 #18
They're pretty clearly calling her argument, not the panelist, childish and stupid Bucky Sep 2022 #24
Who did that? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #63
Correct MustLoveBeagles Sep 2022 #110
I try to imagine how the people graham strives to deny civil rights would feel. onecaliberal Sep 2022 #3
Fundamental Rights Which INclude Privacy Me. Sep 2022 #9
I understand. They are actively trying to kill as many women as possible. They want to control onecaliberal Sep 2022 #12
He intrudes into women's sex lives, why is his sex life private? Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #20
BINGO CatWoman Sep 2022 #22
Exactly. nt SunSeeker Sep 2022 #35
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #53
So when do we start calling Walker the "N" word? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #74
That's specious... PCIntern Sep 2022 #80
LOL CatWoman Sep 2022 #82
So you also mock the disabled AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #84
You bought up Abbott CatWoman Sep 2022 #91
And you called him "Gov. Big Wheels" AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #92
.... CatWoman Sep 2022 #99
INdeed, But Then Lindsey Thinks He Should Have Special Consideration As He Is A SEnator Me. Sep 2022 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author Kingofalldems Sep 2022 #117
Women are not going to shut up. They have a right to speak out. Irish_Dem Sep 2022 #4
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Sep 2022 #5
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Women are not going play nice anymore. speak easy Sep 2022 #26
People are fed up, I'm sick of them being told how to react. Their rights are on the line. onecaliberal Sep 2022 #41
I agree. cilla4progress Sep 2022 #6
Quite Me. Sep 2022 #11
I don't think it's homophobic if it's true. nt leftyladyfrommo Sep 2022 #8
And you know it's true how? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #54
A more polite way to cover the issue IbogaProject Sep 2022 #10
The woman who said it, is gay. I will defer to her. onecaliberal Sep 2022 #14
That would be so much smarter than getting down into the gutter with them Bucky Sep 2022 #17
Well... Mike Nelson Sep 2022 #13
I am very uncomfortable with that line of attack. Bucky Sep 2022 #15
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #16
I think we should attack Graham on his character, or lack thereof Bucky Sep 2022 #29
it's not about "both sides" CatWoman Sep 2022 #33
Again, you can call them on their BS without approving their immorality Bucky Sep 2022 #40
Pointing out his hypocrisy is not bullshit. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #47
You know he's gay? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #56
I've read enough to make my own conclusions. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #67
So you don't have proof - gotcha AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #68
Gayness is not a crime. It need not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #77
Very noble to say it's not a crime and then attack someone for it AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #78
Nobody is attacking Lindsey Graham for being gay. They're attacking his hypocrisy. nt SunSeeker Sep 2022 #79
Then why not call him a hypocrite? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #81
It's clearer to say why he is a hypocrite. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #83
So the only way you can make your point is with homophobic talking points? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #89
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #39
+1000. We should have learned this a long time ago. (nt) Paladin Sep 2022 #71
Because we don't mock gays enough? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #90
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #43
LOL CatWoman Sep 2022 #51
+1 million Arazi Sep 2022 #72
So being gay is a character trait, is it? Ms. Toad Sep 2022 #88
I never said that. This is what I said CatWoman Sep 2022 #93
That was not stalking. Lunabell Sep 2022 #111
Heres a good approach, I think cilla4progress Sep 2022 #19
That is a good approach CatWoman Sep 2022 #23
This one is even better: SunSeeker Sep 2022 #25
OMG!!! Too funny!!! CatWoman Sep 2022 #27
This is perfect Bucky Sep 2022 #42
Exactly. niyad Sep 2022 #75
So gay men shouldn't support abortion either? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #86
why would they not? CatWoman Sep 2022 #100
Because it's family planning policy AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #103
Unrec. (btw, another thread on this topic was removed). demmiblue Sep 2022 #28
see post 16 CatWoman Sep 2022 #34
... demmiblue Sep 2022 #44
.... CatWoman Sep 2022 #48
Ooo! Public discussion and joking about the worst-kept "secret" in Washington D.C.? Paladin Sep 2022 #30
Being gay is not something to shame or embarrass someone with. Emile Sep 2022 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author speak easy Sep 2022 #49
Lindy is advocating that women and girls bleed out and die alphafemale Sep 2022 #52
So he's now a pedophile too? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #61
He is not being shamed for his gayness, but his cowardice and hypocrisy. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author Brainfodder Sep 2022 #57
Note being LGBT doesn't make your comments FreeState Sep 2022 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author Brainfodder Sep 2022 #85
Are there any other LGBT people who can be used as human shields in this? Sympthsical Sep 2022 #102
Post removed Post removed Sep 2022 #112
None of us has any proof as to Graham's sexual proclivities, just rumor and intuition Mr. Ected Sep 2022 #59
How is pointing out hypocrisy a cheap shot? Gay peo have been pointing out his hypocrisy for years. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #69
Lindsey with his flip flopping on his flip flopping on his flip flopping + dig this: KAVANAUGH face! Brainfodder Sep 2022 #76
Wouldn't matter if we did. Iggo Sep 2022 #115
I'm still hoping the ghost of John McCain is haunting Lindsey Graham. betsuni Sep 2022 #87
I thought I hid this thread already. Iggo Sep 2022 #95
At least this time I got to see the offending Tweet before it was locked. AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2022 #97
This time I'll note the apologists. Iggo Sep 2022 #98
I see it's Straight Allies Explain Acceptable Homophobia o'clock again Sympthsical Sep 2022 #101
Goddam right. Iggo Sep 2022 #114
There's got to be a better way of pointing out LG's closeted hypocrisy. Nt Fiendish Thingy Sep 2022 #116
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