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Mon Nov 5, 2012, 02:41 AM

Fox News and Conservative media have done a lot more damage to our country than I thought [View all]

I just got back from a family dinner and words cannot describe how let down I was by the things I heard my family members saying. Coming from educated people it blew my mind.

First of all, these are people who don't really follow politics at all but would rather discuss sports, the Kardashians, or how their kid scored a goal in soccer. They don't really identify with either party, have a narrow grasp of the issues, and are pretty much what you would call the "undecided independents" in the election. But on the off chance they wander into a voting booth, it truly scares me how easy it is for these people to be manipulated.

So... dinner happens.. and the first shots are fired from my cousin : "Have you guys seen the Obama 2016 movie... just saw it last night, it's so scary, we can't let Obama win again!"

My other cousins boyfriend chimes in: "Yeah my dad says Obama's going to destroy this country!" Then he goes on about Obama's scary past connections, Ayers, Wright etc.

At this point I'm trying to keep my composure but I wasn't having any of it "Yeah I've seen that crap documentary its a propaganda peice that is all lies written by a conservative who wants Obama to lose the election, it's devoid of facts and is full of distortions and exaggeration"

Then my aunt chimes in and makes it a 3 on 1 "These are real FACTS! It's IN the movie, didn't you see?! ANSWER THIS THEN, WHY IS OBAMA CUTTING THE MILITARY! WHY IS HE DOING THAT, WHY!!" She becomes unhinged and starts yelling that thinking shes made a point.

The other cousin chimes in too saying " yeah in the video they showed what happens if Obama wins and they showed a map of the United States of Iran.. that's why!"

I then explain to her that we spend more on our military than almost every country combined and that in order to reduce the debt that she was complaining about two seconds ago military spending has to be cut. A startled look comes upon her face as if its the first time she actually heard a fact thrown at her to counter her little knowledge. She thought about it for a few seconds, then says.. you're right actually, I never thought of that and did not speak for a few minutes and had an embarrassed look on her face.

Next my other aunt (who is a school teacher) starts going off on WHERE IS THE GAS? (we're in NY), WHY ISNT THERE ANY OF IT, WHAT"S OBAMA DOING? I then explained to her that how demand was very high because people are on the verge of panic and since power was knocked out in half of our state it's pretty much impossible to keep up. She then goes "Yeah I understand supply and demand i'm not a dummy!" Then she again repeats "yeah but WHY can't he get it here? Why!?" I literally had just explained it to her and she refused to hear the answer and just kept asking why for no reason. I was shocked what I thought to be an intelligent woman.

Then two seconds later her husband comes in, now this is a 5 on 1: "It's because Obama hates America, he just does" I then inform him that Obama can't hate America because he killed our #1 enemy. Then he goes" Yeah well Bush gave a standing order to kill OBL, Obama didn't do that" I can hardly take it anymore and raise my voice "Yeah but Bush didn't get OBL did he?! It happened under Obama, so much for him not loving his country, too bad Bush couldn't do it!" He also has nothing to respond with and tries to change the subject to something he actually knows about like the Giants.

Anyway this whole post probably isn't that coherent but I had to get it off my chest because it just shocked me and I've drank a little bit too much wine. They have been manipulated by fear for so long that they can't tell fact from fiction and can't discuss anything without going to conspiracy talking points. These are good people too... they're not the tea types, not racists.. and that's what gets me.. they fall so easily for GOP talking points. When real facts are thrown in their face they don't know how to react. It's absolutely nuts that these adults are so easily fooled.. and it is all based on fear propagated by FauxNews and crew, it disgusts me.

Obama needs to WIN Against these lies and distortions. Please GOTV ON TUESDAY, send a message to Faux and crew that all their fear mongering and misleading will not prevail in the end.

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