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18. I remember them all! (Well, not Dig)...
Sat Sep 3, 2022, 08:25 PM
Sep 2022

Never had any subscriptions but they were easy to find in a big city when they had enough articles w bands I loved, or one majorly dedicated to one of several favorite bands.

Unlike maybe some of you (or not) I believe there is great music in every decade.

But then in '74/'75 I started hearing about CBGB's, all the punk bands through several great DJs, and The Village Voice. Besides Punk Magazine there was my favorite...

New York Rocker
of which I am proud to say I contributed 2 major illustrations (B&W drawings). One was printed very small, but it was my own photo of the artist that I drew from. The other 🥰 ran a half page!

I did a few more small little doodles. And 1 photo for sure.
So I was in and out of their office a bunch of times between '79 - '81 or so.

And I won the Rock Photo Contest for Rock Scene Mag back in ?77 or so.
With a great photo of The Who at the end of their Forest Hills Tennis Stdm 7/31/71 WN Tour concert. 👍

Some fabulous, great times!

I sure do remember it Johnny Diamond_Dog Sep 2022 #1
You Are Not The Only One ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #2
I read them all. Today I read magazines like Goldmine, Prog, and Classic Rock. Midnight Writer Sep 2022 #6
I'll Have To Seek Those Out ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #7
Check Loudersound.com for Prog and Classic Rock. Goldmine highplainsdem Sep 2022 #25
I forgot al about Circus! JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #13
They Had Bowie & Mott On Several Covers ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #15
Yeah sure, I remember it...... Jade Fox Sep 2022 #3
I was only 6 when it was last issued, Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #4
Creem, Circus, Rolling Stone... onenote Sep 2022 #5
Hit Parader as well. maveric Sep 2022 #17
GUESS WHAT.........It's relaunching !!!!! GuppyGal Sep 2022 #8
Yes. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #12
I was a regular subscriber of Rolling Stone almost from the beginning FakeNoose Sep 2022 #9
I remember Creem, Mr.Bill Sep 2022 #20
Yes Thompson was a frequent contributor in the early/mid 70s FakeNoose Sep 2022 #21
I'm an almost lifetime subscriber. 25 years anyway. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #22
I remember Nictuku Sep 2022 #10
I remember DIG Magazine from the 50s. kskiska Sep 2022 #11
Wow! You win the old contest. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #14
I've already got one of those. kskiska Sep 2022 #24
We all do. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #28
Probably not. N/T Foolacious Sep 2022 #16
I remember them all! (Well, not Dig)... electric_blue68 Sep 2022 #18
I like to keep up with new music too. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #23
How cool, that you had illos and photos published! highplainsdem Sep 2022 #27
And wow look at that legacy of writers!... electric_blue68 Sep 2022 #19
Remember it. Bought a lot of issues, along with other music magazines, especially Rolling Stone. Did highplainsdem Sep 2022 #26
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