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21. What are your suggestions?
Sun Nov 4, 2012, 02:16 PM
Nov 2012

"No rational human being, and certainly no climate scientist, can reasonably argue that any proposed reduction in combustion of fossil fuels will produce any meaningful benefit in our lifetimes."

"We should be seeking the most effective and cost-effective means of applying “brakes” to prevent a climate induced catastrophe."

Both comments vaguely suggest an alternative. Thanks.

exactly.. i cant stand it when people say it is. DCBob Nov 2012 #1
You are right Dyedinthewoolliberal Nov 2012 #2
And yet I'm hopeful that this may finally move the gears jsmirman Nov 2012 #3
And of course, how much it will cost NOT to address the issue... Amonester Nov 2012 #14
I did just hear Bloomberg say he doesn't believe in dykes and sea gates and the like jsmirman Nov 2012 #17
Excellent. Thank you! K&R n/t OneGrassRoot Nov 2012 #4
Thanks - it was a late night screed written during storm-related sleeplessness jsmirman Nov 2012 #7
Well said malaise Nov 2012 #5
Thanks, malaise jsmirman Nov 2012 #9
I disagree. Speck Tater Nov 2012 #6
I think you're missing my point jsmirman Nov 2012 #8
I agree with you: "their propaganda needs to be tossed in the dustbin" Speck Tater Nov 2012 #10
And the success of that political process can only happen when their nonsense jsmirman Nov 2012 #11
The human species is on death watch because of global warming. MoonRiver Nov 2012 #12
That nails it - are we going to stand for a "Pro Human Extinction" party any longer? Enough! jsmirman Nov 2012 #15
Thanks, J.S. This is indeed the truth, no doubt about it. AverageJoe90 Nov 2012 #13
I just hope the message is starting to come through jsmirman Nov 2012 #16
Climate change has been politicized by both the right and left. Brent Deck Nov 2012 #18
Not quite right. If you are hurtling down the road because your foot is on the accelerator, it would uppityperson Nov 2012 #20
What are your suggestions? pinto Nov 2012 #21
So let me see if I understand your position... bluesbassman Nov 2012 #22
Not an expert Brent Deck Nov 2012 #23
What spelling did I correct? Did you even bother to read my post? Figuring out causes and solutions uppityperson Nov 2012 #27
You used the correct "hurtling" in your subject line, he used "hurdling". bluesbassman Nov 2012 #28
Huh, teach me to be anal about my spelllling uppityperson Nov 2012 #31
Hear, hear. Glad to see this point arising from Sandy's floodwaters. DirkGently Nov 2012 #19
I think that all that can be done is people try to prepare to adapt. Kaleva Nov 2012 #24
tell that to the republican party spanone Nov 2012 #25
too late to stop it, we have to focus on mitigation now 0rganism Nov 2012 #26
Sorry, I'm not "putting down my sword". Zoeisright Nov 2012 #29
Not a put down my sword type. Post is a suggestion to cut off their heads. jsmirman Nov 2012 #33
And the above is my meaning regarding putting down the swords. jsmirman Nov 2012 #34
In principle I agree. However, the only solutions are political. joshcryer Nov 2012 #30
It is time for people to wake up and smell the coffee on this. Lady Freedom Returns Nov 2012 #32
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