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18. True.
Sun Aug 28, 2022, 01:04 PM
Aug 2022

It really is amazing just how much we rely on a person to be basically a good person and follow past precedents. DT showed just how misguided that is. Congress needs to codify a lot of things if there is ever a chance to do so.

Being President was not about that $$$. Someone who ran for the office did so out of a sense of loyalty and service to our country because they certainly knew being President was the way to go if one wanted to be rich. That is all changed. DT showed just how far you can go when one willfully ignores precedent and will of the voters. I read that L. Boebert claimed she has made $41 million since becoming a Representative, how TF does that happen…the Citizens United verdict the GOP SCOTUS gave us is how. Citizens United needs to repealed and all $$$ for campaigning needs to be publicly funded.

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