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Sun Aug 21, 2022, 08:56 PM Aug 2022

Once trump passes should he be given the honor of lying in state... [View all]

under the Capitol rotunda that his followers so desecrated on Jan. 6th?

60 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes because it's traditional.
0 (0%)
Hell no.
39 (65%)
Hell to the no.
3 (5%)
His casket can be wheeled through quickly then taken to the same plot where Ivana is buried.
5 (8%)
Let me think about it as it's too emotional an issue now.
0 (0%)
There has to something else more appropriate for such a scoundrel.
1 (2%)
Hoping he dies in prison and thus the question will be rendered moot.
12 (20%)
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The Kremlin is so hard to book Johnny2X2X Aug 2022 #1
Very good. Wish I'd thought of it and added it to the poll. brush Aug 2022 #6
He should be buried in Lindsey Graham's front yard JohnSJ Aug 2022 #2
Sure, State of Disrepair elleng Aug 2022 #3
Lying in state you say? 303squadron Aug 2022 #4
Excellent. I see what you did there. brush Aug 2022 #8
Do all ex President lay in state? (did President Nixon?) If so then yes, he should as he held the kelly1mm Aug 2022 #5
No, Nixon did not, but the Wikipedia page on this says it was by his own wishes. A HERETIC I AM Aug 2022 #21
President Clinton was impeached. Should he lay in state? If the option of laying in state is up ex kelly1mm Aug 2022 #29
A body lays in state, not a symbol. A HERETIC I AM Aug 2022 #40
Again my position is that if all former presidents have the option of lying in state then kelly1mm Aug 2022 #59
"Under what basis other than 'I don't like him' should President Trump be barred?" A HERETIC I AM Aug 2022 #60
As of now he is not a (convicted) criminal. I do not think that every ex President deserves it BUT kelly1mm Aug 2022 #62
Only if the Capitol is open to the public and kegs of beer are placed around Walleye Aug 2022 #7
Good. Good. DUers come up with some good stuff. brush Aug 2022 #10
And the casket is a convenient pissoir. erronis Aug 2022 #12
Yes, yes. I like. brush Aug 2022 #14
Excellent, symbolic and considerate Walleye Aug 2022 #22
He didn't respect any traditions, so this one should not be extended treestar Aug 2022 #9
Deuxcents Aug 2022 #16
I asked this question a while ago, best answer I got tulipsandroses Aug 2022 #11
Maybe his corpulence could be a State Fair science project - guess how many maggots erronis Aug 2022 #15
It really doesn't matter vlyons Aug 2022 #13
He's lying when he's alive. Throck Aug 2022 #17
Osama bin Laden burial at sea cbabe Aug 2022 #18
I don't care if he gets a state funeral; in fact, if he does, AFAIC it would be a celebration Ocelot II Aug 2022 #19
Ha ha ha, was so happy to see the choice, "hell no" 🤣 😂 🤣 a kennedy Aug 2022 #20
Trump's funeral should be held in a large convention center Meadowoak Aug 2022 #23
And bury him next to Ivana at his golf course. BigmanPigman Aug 2022 #24
I was thinking maybe a landfill would be appropriate. Meadowoak Aug 2022 #27
Now you're talking. brush Aug 2022 #32
A landfill next to a sewerage treatment plant would be perfect. Meadowoak Aug 2022 #35
Interesting typo. IcyPeas Aug 2022 #47
She really is buried there... BigmanPigman Aug 2022 #55
You typed "gold" course IcyPeas Aug 2022 #56
Ha! BigmanPigman Aug 2022 #58
I say yes with a deadline genxlib Aug 2022 #25
I'm in on the deadline. brush Aug 2022 #38
Under some McDees golden arches would be appropriate. n/t Marcus IM Aug 2022 #26
Ok, but definitely no "Sweeny Todd" type of stuff please. brush Aug 2022 #30
Trump Burger could make a genuine Trump burger, if you know what I mean ... Sky Jewels Aug 2022 #34
You know I saw that couple of days ago. Who would even patronize that place? brush Aug 2022 #36
I'd better not answer that honestly ... Sky Jewels Aug 2022 #49
He should lie in state on a golf course somewhere FakeNoose Aug 2022 #28
What happened when Nixon died? Victor_c3 Aug 2022 #31
His funeral took place at his library in Yorba Linda. A HERETIC I AM Aug 2022 #61
No. Give him a burial at sea. Stuff him into a wood chipper on a boat and shoot him into the ocean. Sky Jewels Aug 2022 #33
He'll probably instruct against it tishaLA Aug 2022 #37
Fuk do I care ... dweller Aug 2022 #39
Lie in state at the very place his supporters plundered and tried to overthrow our government? Samrob Aug 2022 #41
Yes, if we all can go thru kacekwl Aug 2022 #42
Nixon didn't AZSkiffyGeek Aug 2022 #43
God, your post made me laugh as that would be so like that a-hole. brush Aug 2022 #46
There will be legitimate security concerns that his cult will riot in there Arazi Aug 2022 #44
Put Giuliani in charge of it SCantiGOP Aug 2022 #45
That's not a bad idea as we know Rudy would fu_k it up. brush Aug 2022 #48
He should be stripped GP6971 Aug 2022 #50
I was looking for the "Fed to wild dogs" option. Pobeka Aug 2022 #51
Hahahahahahaha. Yes, that wouldn't be good for the animals. brush Aug 2022 #52
Won't matter to me. Mr.Bill Aug 2022 #53
You won't be the only one. brush Aug 2022 #57
He should be laid to rest with OBL for what he has done. Dawson Leery Aug 2022 #54
Whatever ... Higherarky Aug 2022 #63
Stuff him in a trash bag. lpbk2713 Aug 2022 #64
That would be ok by me is the town allows it. brush Aug 2022 #67
only if Lindsey, little marco, Ted's fat wife and Ted cancun cruz carry the casket !! RANDYWILDMAN Aug 2022 #65
He should lie in state, only... LudwigPastorius Aug 2022 #66
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