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Maybe we need exorcism to erase Republican trump syndrome. redwitch Jul 2022 #1
These ppl are insane. n/t KarenS Jul 2022 #2
... Celerity Jul 2022 #14
And he just happens to know a few... Hugin Jul 2022 #3
Alito would probably go for that, along with burning the witches n/t AntiFascist Jul 2022 #4
There needs to be an exorcism of Fox News and its guests. milestogo Jul 2022 #5
The Exorcist IV: The Wackos grumpyduck Jul 2022 #6
Oh Bill, everyone knows it's because doctors stopped using leeches to remove humours gratuitous Jul 2022 #7
Apparently Bill Bennett has gone full radtrad. I'm sure this kind of talk... keep_left Jul 2022 #8
I am so tired of religious wackadoodles. Solly Mack Jul 2022 #9
Start calling their BS bluffs, this seems like a fun one to begin with? Brainfodder Jul 2022 #10
This is the same Bill Bennett who wrote The Book Of Virtues Just A Box Of Rain Jul 2022 #11
I was just going to say something similar. llmart Jul 2022 #12
Says the gambling addict? niyad Jul 2022 #13
Bronze age Bill is beholden to his internal demons. LastDemocratInSC Jul 2022 #15
we should consider using exorcists to GET RID OF FOX NOISE. Trueblue1968 Jul 2022 #16
Go right ahead, Bill Retrograde Jul 2022 #17
Just send Crimo's mom LeftInTX Jul 2022 #18
"The power of Trump compels you!" edbermac Jul 2022 #19
That is the power they pray to, for sure! nt Maru Kitteh Jul 2022 #21
We should use exorcists on the Republican party! DemocraticPatriot Jul 2022 #20
Is he going to suggest rain dances to deal with drought... JHB Jul 2022 #22
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