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exactly.. i cant stand it when people say it is. DCBob Nov 2012 #1
You are right Dyedinthewoolliberal Nov 2012 #2
And yet I'm hopeful that this may finally move the gears jsmirman Nov 2012 #3
And of course, how much it will cost NOT to address the issue... Amonester Nov 2012 #14
I did just hear Bloomberg say he doesn't believe in dykes and sea gates and the like jsmirman Nov 2012 #17
Excellent. Thank you! K&R n/t OneGrassRoot Nov 2012 #4
Thanks - it was a late night screed written during storm-related sleeplessness jsmirman Nov 2012 #7
Well said malaise Nov 2012 #5
Thanks, malaise jsmirman Nov 2012 #9
I disagree. Speck Tater Nov 2012 #6
I think you're missing my point jsmirman Nov 2012 #8
I agree with you: "their propaganda needs to be tossed in the dustbin" Speck Tater Nov 2012 #10
And the success of that political process can only happen when their nonsense jsmirman Nov 2012 #11
The human species is on death watch because of global warming. MoonRiver Nov 2012 #12
That nails it - are we going to stand for a "Pro Human Extinction" party any longer? Enough! jsmirman Nov 2012 #15
Thanks, J.S. This is indeed the truth, no doubt about it. AverageJoe90 Nov 2012 #13
I just hope the message is starting to come through jsmirman Nov 2012 #16
Climate change has been politicized by both the right and left. Brent Deck Nov 2012 #18
Not quite right. If you are hurtling down the road because your foot is on the accelerator, it would uppityperson Nov 2012 #20
What are your suggestions? pinto Nov 2012 #21
So let me see if I understand your position... bluesbassman Nov 2012 #22
Not an expert Brent Deck Nov 2012 #23
What spelling did I correct? Did you even bother to read my post? Figuring out causes and solutions uppityperson Nov 2012 #27
You used the correct "hurtling" in your subject line, he used "hurdling". bluesbassman Nov 2012 #28
Huh, teach me to be anal about my spelllling uppityperson Nov 2012 #31
Hear, hear. Glad to see this point arising from Sandy's floodwaters. DirkGently Nov 2012 #19
I think that all that can be done is people try to prepare to adapt. Kaleva Nov 2012 #24
tell that to the republican party spanone Nov 2012 #25
too late to stop it, we have to focus on mitigation now 0rganism Nov 2012 #26
Sorry, I'm not "putting down my sword". Zoeisright Nov 2012 #29
Not a put down my sword type. Post is a suggestion to cut off their heads. jsmirman Nov 2012 #33
And the above is my meaning regarding putting down the swords. jsmirman Nov 2012 #34
In principle I agree. However, the only solutions are political. joshcryer Nov 2012 #30
It is time for people to wake up and smell the coffee on this. Lady Freedom Returns Nov 2012 #32
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