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16. Its not just Iran.
Sat Jul 2, 2022, 04:25 PM
Jul 2022

The fact that Islamists claim that their theological roots go back to Taymiyyah, Qutb etc. the reality is that fundamentalism is a recent development in the Islamic world, growing after the failure of pan-arabism and nationalism.

Check out this series of photos from Cairo University:


An Iranian Woman In 1973 [View all] ItsjustMe Jul 2022 OP
K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Jul 2022 #1
Yep dalton99a Jul 2022 #2
K&R discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2022 #3
Presumably men could control themselves better back then. Wingus Dingus Jul 2022 #4
I'm guessing the physical and sexual abuse within those walls are worse than in an open society. erronis Jul 2022 #10
If they could, there probably would not have been a 1979. n/t DFW Jul 2022 #24
No. I knew alot of ME men back then LeftInTX Jul 2022 #29
If I were a man, I would be highly insulted to have it assumed... 3catwoman3 Jul 2022 #5
As would I. Wonder why no one has invented a chastity belt for men? LoisB Jul 2022 #11
Hoping you are a man in your next incarnation. We're not hard to figure out... erronis Jul 2022 #14
I was a teenager in the middle and late 1960s. My late mother... 3catwoman3 Jul 2022 #18
Are you really claiming you couldn't control your primal urges? whopis01 Jul 2022 #27
Plus billions Brenda Jul 2022 #28
Iran's Revolution was about overthrowing the Shah who was considered a puppet of the west LeftInTX Jul 2022 #6
In point of fact, the Irani PM Mohammad Mosaddegh was not murdered in the 1953 coup.. Just A Box Of Rain Jul 2022 #8
OK LeftInTX Jul 2022 #12
To your point, evolves Jul 2022 #9
It was a great Democracy with a popular elected leader. multigraincracker Jul 2022 #21
Majority of Iranians are non religious now JI7 Jul 2022 #7
The US may be heading in that direction. Opus Dei trying to control the the lives of everyone. erronis Jul 2022 #13
I like the name, Amy (coat-hanger) Barrett mrsadm Jul 2022 #17
People will say it can't happen here, right before it happens here IronLionZion Jul 2022 #15
Its not just Iran. Mosby Jul 2022 #16
That change is heartbreaking. nt SunSeeker Jul 2022 #19
The Western World created the modern Middle Eaat LeftInTX Jul 2022 #25
Religion is POISON. roamer65 Jul 2022 #20
They'll be a few that say it's not the religion, it's the person. Same as guns. erronis Jul 2022 #22
There is now quite often a wide gap between being spiritual and religious. roamer65 Jul 2022 #23
Egypt too..modern country taken backwards by religion Demovictory9 Jul 2022 #26
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