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16. Sadly true.
Fri Jul 1, 2022, 04:20 PM
Jul 2022

Jimmy was right about energy conservation and alternative energy sources, but Reagan made sure to squash any of that as soon as he took office. I'm still angry that he removed the solar panels from the White House.

Obama installed new panels:


The original panels were rescued from storage:


A fair amount of people are still working from home... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #1
+1, ... and the WFH trend is going to grow even more. People going back to the office will be .. uponit7771 Jul 2022 #23
It's been beaten into our heads, I think, that consumption is "freedom" ck4829 Jul 2022 #2
Yup TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #4
To be fair... in my experience using a bus sucks. Happy Hoosier Jul 2022 #6
It doesn't have to be that way ck4829 Jul 2022 #9
Not sure how buses can ever be convenient for some things. Happy Hoosier Jul 2022 #10
It ended when Jimmy Carter put on a sweater exboyfil Jul 2022 #3
I've been thinking about President Carter recently... Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2022 #14
Sadly true. crickets Jul 2022 #16
They are letting us work from home TheFarseer Jul 2022 #5
ARCO gas this morning in Phoenix: $5.00 LogicFirst Jul 2022 #7
The answer is to transition to non-fossil fuel energy sources. Happy Hoosier Jul 2022 #8
I find myself driving less now that the cost to do so has doubled in the last year. MichMan Jul 2022 #11
That is exactly right in 2020 when everything was doc03 Jul 2022 #12
Profit trumps the public good in this country, plain and simple. A HERETIC I AM Jul 2022 #13
I do custom crafting for a company UpInArms Jul 2022 #15
There is a solution to high prices AND carbon emissions. roamer65 Jul 2022 #17
It's great for people who can do it. I'm a hospice nurse working a large territory BUT, mucifer Jul 2022 #18
That in itself is conservation. And I'd imagine you'd be considered an Scrivener7 Jul 2022 #20
But, but, but... that would mean not buying monster pickups. How will Scrivener7 Jul 2022 #19
I saw something like this a week ago.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #25
Our country's motto should be changed to rownesheck Jul 2022 #21
Remember 55 mph? jeffreyi Jul 2022 #22
If Biden suggested that.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #26
The collective good v. the good of me, myself, and I. Solly Mack Jul 2022 #24
American exceptionalism means we don't have to learn anything from other countries...nt Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #27
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