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Response to Tumbulu (Original post)

Probably simply because no plans were in place to LuckyCharms Jul 2022 #1
It was never planned for him to go. forgotmylogin Jul 2022 #42
Has the SS denied him other requests? randr Jul 2022 #2
someone somewhere said that the security wasnt enuff with all those armed folk samnsara Jul 2022 #3
That is the total reason. Stuart G Jul 2022 #5
It's possible that they just were unable to secure the area leftieNanner Jul 2022 #4
It might be illuminating to know who at the top Tumbulu Jul 2022 #11
Ornato was the top of the food chain bottomofthehill Jul 2022 #21
I am beginning to suspect... 2naSalit Jul 2022 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author BusterMove Jul 2022 #6
It seems odd to me Buckeyeblue Jul 2022 #7
Nope, they could not ensure his safety there. bottomofthehill Jul 2022 #23
Incorrect inthewind21 Jul 2022 #40
no they are supposed to protect the office of the presidency drray23 Jul 2022 #41
Capitol Police told SS they couldn't clear blm Jul 2022 #8
Could be, they were already under attack at that point. Tumbulu Jul 2022 #15
The SS is responsible for his safety above all. Chainfire Jul 2022 #9
Didn't Cipollone tell Meadows and Hutchinson not to allow spooky3 Jul 2022 #10
That is what I wonder Tumbulu Jul 2022 #13
Good Thinking leftieNanner Jul 2022 #16
LOL! Clever kids. :-) spooky3 Jul 2022 #17
From Ms. Hutchinson's testimony... 2naSalit Jul 2022 #32
There was a riot in progress Effete Snob Jul 2022 #12
Didn't stop them when they cleared the way for the Bible photo op exboyfil Jul 2022 #19
Who drove him to that one? Effete Snob Jul 2022 #27
They walked. Lafayette Park is just across the street from the WH. mobeau69 Jul 2022 #30
It was a rhetorical question Effete Snob Jul 2022 #31
No way Pantagruel Jul 2022 #14
I think those marble steps are for the tourists FakeNoose Jul 2022 #39
The SS knew the crowd was armed, and knew the attack was in progress. Their job is keeping RockRaven Jul 2022 #18
I saw it on Comedians on Cars Getting Coffee arlyellowdog Jul 2022 #20
Heh... 2naSalit Jul 2022 #34
I'm just surprised Fritz Walter Jul 2022 #22
Don't forget Mike Pants went into hiding... 2naSalit Jul 2022 #35
Their duty is to protect the president. They're... brush Jul 2022 #24
Simple. Trump coulda got himself killed in a chaotic non-secure situation like that. emulatorloo Jul 2022 #25
I read that two of the SS agents in question already spoke to the J6 committee NQAS Jul 2022 #26
We already know what they said Effete Snob Jul 2022 #28
They could have been worried about stray bullets Tree Lady Jul 2022 #33
Maybe the SS knew they'd be torn apart Marthe48 Jul 2022 #36
From the testimony, there weren't enough SS assets to provide protection. brooklynite Jul 2022 #37
There could have been armed NeverTrumpers in the crowd. NCjack Jul 2022 #38
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