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Lol. Like for example the Catholic Church? Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #1
No, not like the Catholic Church. MineralMan Jun 2022 #3
Ok you just shifted the meaning of fundamentalist Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #4
No, I did not. MineralMan Jun 2022 #11
Yes you did too. Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #17
It is the original fundamentalist denomination. MineralMan Jun 2022 #18
Oh so now you are back to your equivocation Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #19
Nope. I'm done with this little subterfuge of yours for now. MineralMan Jun 2022 #21
How is pointing out a logical fallacy 'subterfuge'? Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #22
Actually, at most Catholic parishes, even conservative ones, you'd be hard-pressed... keep_left Jun 2022 #14
Yes the people are not the institution. Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #20
Some have. Here is the statement of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church: Ocelot II Jun 2022 #2
Yes. Some have, but too few, too timidly, and too late. MineralMan Jun 2022 #8
I was reading an account that many congregations are divided by this, Hortensis Jun 2022 #12
I was at a Unitarian Church (normally very liberal) leftyladyfrommo Jun 2022 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author wyn borkins Jun 2022 #5
Presbyterian Church USA did as well. phylny Jun 2022 #6
Fundamentalist Christians hate liberal Christians. milestogo Jun 2022 #7
Yup TheRealNorth Jun 2022 #9
I don't think they can influence fundamentalists. MineralMan Jun 2022 #10
Yep. They often use the literal term "apostate". I remember Mother Angelica of EWTN... keep_left Jun 2022 #15
Historians have a term for people who disagreed with many Nazi policies but... Girard442 Jun 2022 #13
Way, Way, Way, Way, WAAAAAY Past Time. msfiddlestix Jun 2022 #16
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