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Tree Lady

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9. Mine is the only one republican in Oregon
Fri Jun 24, 2022, 06:18 PM
Jun 2022

He lives by the border of Idaho and because we are a large rural district I am almost 8 hours away! I can drive to my daughter's in the bay area faster.

He is new after other guy retired. Larger percent of red in this area but it also includes two cites Ashland and Bend that are blue. My city Medford is conservative about 60/40.

There is no writing to the crazy reps I have tried before basically they say I follow what the majority in the district wants.

Time is better spent trying to get people on our side that don't vote to vote.

Yes, mine is Young Kim, who is absolutely terrible. Initech Jun 2022 #1
PA 11, Smuck(er) Amishman Jun 2022 #2
Unfortunately... regnaD kciN Jun 2022 #3
Andy Fucking Biggs n/t KarenS Jun 2022 #4
Knock wood, I have never lived in a Congressional district where Just A Box Of Rain Jun 2022 #5
Hey, Box Not Heidi Jun 2022 #6
I know that I shouldn't... Just A Box Of Rain Jun 2022 #12
Oh, goodness. Not Heidi Jun 2022 #15
Hey, Box, a question Not Heidi Jun 2022 #21
"The Former Guy" Just A Box Of Rain Jun 2022 #22
My congresscritte is Glenn Grothmann Archae Jun 2022 #7
Piece of shit Ronny Jackson vercetti2021 Jun 2022 #8
Mine is the only one republican in Oregon Tree Lady Jun 2022 #9
excellent point Not Heidi Jun 2022 #16
mine won by 6 votes rurallib Jun 2022 #10
No, my rep and senators are Democrats. sakabatou Jun 2022 #11
My Rep n both senators n governor are republicans Deuxcents Jun 2022 #13
Bob Latta R OH-5 VGNonly Jun 2022 #14
Yes, fucking Joe "You Lie" Wilson. GoCubsGo Jun 2022 #17
There are zero Democrats on the ballot where I live Generic Brad Jun 2022 #18
Proud to be a constituent of Adam Smith, Dem WA... Wounded Bear Jun 2022 #19
My Rep. is Neal Dunn. He took over Ted Yoho-ho's Repug district. It's one of the largest in Fl. I allegorical oracle Jun 2022 #20
Had to pass, I'm in Canada ironflange Jun 2022 #23
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