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Sun Jun 19, 2022, 08:46 PM Jun 2022

Pest company will pay you $2,000 to let 100 cockroaches loose in your home for 30 days [View all]

Pest Company Makes 'Creepy, Crawly' $2K Offer to Homeowners
The Pest Informer will pay you to let 100 cockroaches loose in your home for 30 days

Looking for "100 creepy, crawly new roommates"? That's how WREG frames a rather unusual call for homeowners (or those who have explicit written permission from the homeowner) who are willing to allow 100 cockroaches to be released in their homes as part of a North Carolina pest company's study. The Pest Informer is that company, and it says it's looking for between five and seven residences in the continental US to use as makeshift labs so that 100 American cockroaches can roam around for 30 days while the company tests what it says is a "family and pet safe" treatment.

The Pest Informer notes that technicians will be filming the entire process, for those who live by the "pictures or didn't happen" mantra. Those willing to endure the roach infestation won't come away empty-handed for their bravery—the company says if you make it through the month, you'll get $2,000 for your efforts. Participants aren't permitted to use any other kind of insect treatment during the trial period.


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Other: HELL NO!!!! hlthe2b Jun 2022 #1
No way. Cockroaches and rats are a big no! jimfields33 Jun 2022 #2
Would you let strangers spray experimental insecticides all over every surface of your house meadowlander Jun 2022 #3
But this is asking to let 100 more into the home JI7 Jun 2022 #8
I don't have roaches. alphafemale Jun 2022 #39
Fuck no and 2k is nothing for something like that JI7 Jun 2022 #4
what is your price? Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #5
25 million dollars Dorian Gray Jun 2022 #9
Yup , would have to be in double digit millions at least JI7 Jun 2022 #10
Agree Dorian Gray Jun 2022 #19
Why? Polybius Jun 2022 #29
If I didn't have to live in the house then I would easily do it JI7 Jun 2022 #32
for a million dollars, I could suffer through 30 sleepless nights.. then sell the home and move Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #38
So, like my apartment in New York City then? n/t PoliticAverse Jun 2022 #6
Not a chance in hell. lpbk2713 Jun 2022 #7
Nope. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 2022 #11
Hoarder enid602 Jun 2022 #12
Their experiment would be ruined by pre existing roaches Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #59
ABSOLUTELY NO!!!! nt Raine Jun 2022 #13
Hell no. I grew up in Hawai'i & ingested more DDT & Raid than you can imagine while my poor Mom Hekate Jun 2022 #14
Hell no!!! LeftInTX Jun 2022 #15
My cats would take them out within a day. n/t cloudbase Jun 2022 #16
Hearing cat chase prey at night is disturbing Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #23
Two cats. roamer65 Jun 2022 #24
Roaches live inside your walls LeftInTX Jun 2022 #27
they are fast! by the time one gets the bug spray... where are they? lol Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #37
I have little holes drilled in my walls LeftInTX Jun 2022 #40
I would never feel safe in my home again, so no. ecstatic Jun 2022 #17
Hoa sprays community.outside.sends huge bugs running..i had to use painters tape on front door crack Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #22
My bathroom has painters tape all along the baseboards LeftInTX Jun 2022 #30
Painters tape equals universal tool Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #34
But those suckers are living and breeding in there! LeftInTX Jun 2022 #28
What should I do? Seems kind of dangerous to have pesticide fumes ecstatic Jun 2022 #33
You can put a bait station in the return ducts, I haven't had problems with the actual supply ducts LeftInTX Jun 2022 #41
Thank you! I didn't know what to search for ecstatic Jun 2022 #53
Roaches shouldn't be in the actual unit or coming out of the unit LeftInTX Jun 2022 #55
omg!! I'm glad your situation was cleared up! ecstatic Jun 2022 #57
Yes, areas around pipes can be conduits for insects. LeftInTX Jun 2022 #61
Look into boric acid. It's one very efficient method Torchlight Jun 2022 #46
I'm going to look into whether it can ecstatic Jun 2022 #54
Then charge you $5,000 to get rid of them. SergeStorms Jun 2022 #18
When I was stationed in Sn Antonio, I had them... 3catwoman3 Jun 2022 #20
Absolutely not. Norbert Jun 2022 #21
Is this a joke? Meowmee Jun 2022 #25
Don't forget: People are stupid. Iggo Jun 2022 #50
No one is that stupid Meowmee Jun 2022 #51
I live in North Carolina; they will not have any problem finding enough people. Dysfunctional Jun 2022 #60
My neighbor still thinks Hillary is going to jail. They are that stupid around here. Norbert Jun 2022 #62
Mr Lake asks: would we have to evict these here? LakeArenal Jun 2022 #26
2 million maybe demtenjeep Jun 2022 #31
If I were a neighbor, I'd be pissed Sympthsical Jun 2022 #35
OMG! NO! NO! NO! Desert grandma Jun 2022 #36
I drilled holes just above my baseboards! LeftInTX Jun 2022 #42
Too late. Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #43
LOL +1 Emile Jun 2022 #64
If they were paying $2,000 per roach, I'd consider it. Vinca Jun 2022 #44
No way. You'd have to seal the home w/ multiple ozone machines and spread diatomaceous earth. TheBlackAdder Jun 2022 #45
I'd do it with little hesitation Victor_c3 Jun 2022 #47
Roaches are one of the most important reasons I left Texas and have never gone back. Aristus Jun 2022 #48
I tried to get professional help for my phobia LeftInTX Jun 2022 #52
Can of raid and small broom to corral them Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #58
My neighbors would probably sue me for more than that. Iggo Jun 2022 #49
Add three more zeros and then we'll talk. Elessar Zappa Jun 2022 #56
Hell no! Hardest bug in the world to get rid of. Emile Jun 2022 #63
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