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24. values won't fall
Thu Jun 16, 2022, 01:25 PM
Jun 2022

Last edited Thu Jun 16, 2022, 02:06 PM - Edit history (1)

Rising interest rates will affect prices, but prices are rising so fast, all this will do is slow the rise or potentially stop the rise.

The value of a home isn't its sale price, but the monthly payment someone can afford to live in it. Interest rates make that payment higher, so the principle will be lower. There will be no housing bubble, because it's still a supply and demand issue where there's still not enough supply and the cost of building new homes is still very elevated mostly due to supply issues.

But context matters for these rate hikes. The overnight lending rate is still only 1.5-1.75%, ideally economists want this to be between 2 and 5 %. We're going to raise it to right in the middle of that (3.4%). This is us getting back to normal for interest rates. The sacrifice is anticipated to be 0.5% rise in unemployment rate, which will keep us near full employment. We've had insanely low interest rates for so long now, we forget what is normal. It's not normal to finance a house at 3.0%. 6.0% is normal. To those who got financing around 3%, kudos, you've got an amazing investment that will build your wealth like few other investments can. Happy I got 3.25% when I could.

Rents are also a supply and demand issue right now, there's simply not enough housing in our country right now. Market forces still drive the price of rent, there aren't monopolies price fixing. But there are ruthless landlords and corporations who make decisions without a care for the human toll of it.

According to news reports I've been following it's corporate investors who are in2herbs Jun 2022 #1
If you bought a house for 300,000 and its now worth 200,000 former9thward Jun 2022 #19
You only feel the effects of being underwater only if you go to sell. Otherwise you won't in2herbs Jun 2022 #40
+1 2naSalit Jun 2022 #31
That seems possible. MineralMan Jun 2022 #2
Recently Retired Nictuku Jun 2022 #34
I'm really interested in the Reverse Mortgage thing as well. Like you, I have no kids to leave.... Tarheel_Dem Jun 2022 #36
I have some friends who are very happy with their decision Nictuku Jun 2022 #37
One more thing... Nictuku Jun 2022 #38
The only way I plan to leave my home is if I can no longer climb stairs. After I read your post, Tarheel_Dem Jun 2022 #45
That makes me happy to hear this! Nictuku Jun 2022 #47
Things to look out for Nictuku Jun 2022 #48
I'll definitely keep good records. And I'll also definitely insist on paying my own taxes & ..... Tarheel_Dem Jun 2022 #49
Please do really serious research before you get conned into a reverse mortgage. BSdetect Jun 2022 #61
One important point for you to consider with a RM, Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #50
In the high property and income tax states JustAnotherGen Jun 2022 #3
the only thing that will drop around here is the rate of escalation. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Jun 2022 #17
Already Timewas Jun 2022 #5
Is that a bad thing? Polybius Jun 2022 #6
I didn't mean to imply it's a bad thing for every person in every situation Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #9
When I first started house-hunting, interest rates were over 17%... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #7
Okay, but were home prices/values on a generally downward trend? Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #11
early 80's, you can look it up..... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #20
I agree, we bought in 1989 and the interest rates were HIGH - almost 11%. seaglass Jun 2022 #42
Let me guess - 1980? Retrograde Jun 2022 #18
It's happened before CanonRay Jun 2022 #8
We were much Tickle Jun 2022 #54
Your prediction is borne out by what looks like a huge bubble in the homeowners equity chart andym Jun 2022 #10
People kept buying houses even when rates were 10-12%. FloridaBlues Jun 2022 #12
I have the same reply to you as I did in post #11 above (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #13
But that was back when you could deduct all of your interest. lindysalsagal Jun 2022 #53
My current house value is crazy inflated. Tommy Carcetti Jun 2022 #14
Same here ... Zestimate is about 130% higher than what I paid 7 years ago Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #15
Us too, just about same %. Baked Potato Jun 2022 #32
The Zestimate on my home is 3x what we paid in 2000 ReluctanceTango Jun 2022 #39
Ours is too. nt Roisin Ni Fiachra Jun 2022 #59
In the 2008 housing crash many homes did lose significant value. mn9driver Jun 2022 #16
If it's a massive, practically overnight crash, those would be different conditions than what I'm Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #21
that had a lot to do with liars loans and the crooked lending industry..... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #23
I hope to live everything but maybe my last hours of my life in my home. pwb Jun 2022 #22
values won't fall Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #24
Yes, well ... simply put, most people aren't as smart as you :) (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #30
AVG mortgage rates are at 5% where I'm at, values will NO DOUBT fall because the number of people uponit7771 Jun 2022 #35
Wealthy cash investors may be wary of the falling knife effect, when prices decrease andym Jun 2022 #25
We bought our current house the summer of 2012 crud Jun 2022 #26
Very smart Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #28
The housing market is not driving the inflation Buckeyeblue Jun 2022 #27
It lowers demand Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #29
Low supply of gas? No lines here. No stations closed like in the 70's. Captain Zero Jun 2022 #58
The only fly in this theory is that inventories are still at historic lows... JCMach1 Jun 2022 #33
If buyers are selling in droves, won't there be droves buying? onenote Jun 2022 #41
Exactly!!! Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #44
My theory here is institutional investors would be buying and trying to get people to lease their Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Jun 2022 #43
Yes, of course. And once again it's location location location. librechik Jun 2022 #51
This is mostly a completely foreign language to me DFW Jun 2022 #52
Prices aren't falling here in the Triangle area of NC any time soon. mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #55
What goes up must come down Mr. Ected Jun 2022 #56
Around here house rentals had disappeared and homes flew off the market Captain Zero Jun 2022 #57
Am I the only person in America who bought a house because I wanted to live in a house? NutmegYankee Jun 2022 #60
No. Raftergirl Jun 2022 #62
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