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According to news reports I've been following it's corporate investors who are in2herbs Jun 2022 #1
If you bought a house for 300,000 and its now worth 200,000 former9thward Jun 2022 #19
You only feel the effects of being underwater only if you go to sell. Otherwise you won't in2herbs Jun 2022 #40
+1 2naSalit Jun 2022 #31
That seems possible. MineralMan Jun 2022 #2
Recently Retired Nictuku Jun 2022 #34
I'm really interested in the Reverse Mortgage thing as well. Like you, I have no kids to leave.... Tarheel_Dem Jun 2022 #36
I have some friends who are very happy with their decision Nictuku Jun 2022 #37
One more thing... Nictuku Jun 2022 #38
The only way I plan to leave my home is if I can no longer climb stairs. After I read your post, Tarheel_Dem Jun 2022 #45
That makes me happy to hear this! Nictuku Jun 2022 #47
Things to look out for Nictuku Jun 2022 #48
I'll definitely keep good records. And I'll also definitely insist on paying my own taxes & ..... Tarheel_Dem Jun 2022 #49
Please do really serious research before you get conned into a reverse mortgage. BSdetect Jun 2022 #61
One important point for you to consider with a RM, Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #50
In the high property and income tax states JustAnotherGen Jun 2022 #3
the only thing that will drop around here is the rate of escalation. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Jun 2022 #17
Already Timewas Jun 2022 #5
Is that a bad thing? Polybius Jun 2022 #6
I didn't mean to imply it's a bad thing for every person in every situation Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #9
When I first started house-hunting, interest rates were over 17%... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #7
Okay, but were home prices/values on a generally downward trend? Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #11
early 80's, you can look it up..... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #20
I agree, we bought in 1989 and the interest rates were HIGH - almost 11%. seaglass Jun 2022 #42
Let me guess - 1980? Retrograde Jun 2022 #18
It's happened before CanonRay Jun 2022 #8
We were much Tickle Jun 2022 #54
Your prediction is borne out by what looks like a huge bubble in the homeowners equity chart andym Jun 2022 #10
People kept buying houses even when rates were 10-12%. FloridaBlues Jun 2022 #12
I have the same reply to you as I did in post #11 above (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #13
But that was back when you could deduct all of your interest. lindysalsagal Jun 2022 #53
My current house value is crazy inflated. Tommy Carcetti Jun 2022 #14
Same here ... Zestimate is about 130% higher than what I paid 7 years ago Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #15
Us too, just about same %. Baked Potato Jun 2022 #32
The Zestimate on my home is 3x what we paid in 2000 ReluctanceTango Jun 2022 #39
Ours is too. nt Roisin Ni Fiachra Jun 2022 #59
In the 2008 housing crash many homes did lose significant value. mn9driver Jun 2022 #16
If it's a massive, practically overnight crash, those would be different conditions than what I'm Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #21
that had a lot to do with liars loans and the crooked lending industry..... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #23
I hope to live everything but maybe my last hours of my life in my home. pwb Jun 2022 #22
values won't fall Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #24
Yes, well ... simply put, most people aren't as smart as you :) (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #30
AVG mortgage rates are at 5% where I'm at, values will NO DOUBT fall because the number of people uponit7771 Jun 2022 #35
Wealthy cash investors may be wary of the falling knife effect, when prices decrease andym Jun 2022 #25
We bought our current house the summer of 2012 crud Jun 2022 #26
Very smart Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #28
The housing market is not driving the inflation Buckeyeblue Jun 2022 #27
It lowers demand Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #29
Low supply of gas? No lines here. No stations closed like in the 70's. Captain Zero Jun 2022 #58
The only fly in this theory is that inventories are still at historic lows... JCMach1 Jun 2022 #33
If buyers are selling in droves, won't there be droves buying? onenote Jun 2022 #41
Exactly!!! Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #44
My theory here is institutional investors would be buying and trying to get people to lease their Hugh_Lebowski Jun 2022 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author WarGamer Jun 2022 #43
Yes, of course. And once again it's location location location. librechik Jun 2022 #51
This is mostly a completely foreign language to me DFW Jun 2022 #52
Prices aren't falling here in the Triangle area of NC any time soon. mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #55
What goes up must come down Mr. Ected Jun 2022 #56
Around here house rentals had disappeared and homes flew off the market Captain Zero Jun 2022 #57
Am I the only person in America who bought a house because I wanted to live in a house? NutmegYankee Jun 2022 #60
No. Raftergirl Jun 2022 #62
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