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18. Interesting...
Thu Jun 9, 2022, 10:52 PM
Jun 2022

The Oath Keepers and Proud Boys didn't go to the rally, they went to the Capitol to open the door. They also made the connection, very clearly in their testimony, that they were there because Trump told them to go there. Trump connected himself to their moves. That's a planned attack on the Capitol during a joint session of Congress. That meets the legal definition of treason, and that means his little inner circle, including himself, Eastman, Powell, Flynn, Giuliani, and Meadows, were conspirators to commit treason.

That's where I go.

Other H2O Man Jun 2022 #1
He didn't commit treason Novara Jun 2022 #2
But... lees1975 Jun 2022 #4
That sorta depends on who was pushing him to do it relayerbob Jun 2022 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #10
Ddin't a Court order the report to be made available to DEM Congress folks? WarGamer Jun 2022 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #15
Yeah DEMS have already seen it. WarGamer Jun 2022 #19
He can't be prosecuted with anything in that. It's too late. gldstwmn Jun 2022 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #26
read the definitions of treason vs sedition: Novara Jun 2022 #20
Read my answer again. relayerbob Jun 2022 #21
Aligns with a foreign enemy??? lees1975 Jun 2022 #23
We don't know what information and help he gave and received from his dear friend Putin Autumn Jun 2022 #24
Trump chokes on a hambirder C_U_L8R Jun 2022 #3
i hate his guts and i wish he was .... gone to meet his maker (SATAN) Trueblue1968 Jun 2022 #11
Other. I vote for kacekwl Jun 2022 #5
Other. ms liberty Jun 2022 #6
Other. nt babylonsister Jun 2022 #8
After seeing him fuck over thousands of people for 40 years, I'll just play a Todd Rundgren song. TheBlackAdder Jun 2022 #9
Trump directed white nationalists to attack the US Capitol. That is treason, onecaliberal Jun 2022 #12
That's my opinion Deuxcents Jun 2022 #17
The hearing was extremely powerful mvd Jun 2022 #14
K lees1975 Jun 2022 #16
Interesting... lees1975 Jun 2022 #18
Trump committed treason against the United States Government. Also, Autumn Jun 2022 #22
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