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Mon May 9, 2022, 07:59 PM May 2022

Thomas Friedman bashes Ukraine: "Ukraine was, and still is, a country marbled with corruption." [View all]

Alas, we have to be alive to the fact that it’s not only the Russians who would like to involve us more deeply. Have no illusions, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has been trying to do the same thing from the start — to make Ukraine an immediate member of NATO or get Washington to forge a bilateral security pact with Kyiv. I am in awe of Zelensky’s heroism and leadership. If I were him, I’d be trying to get the U.S. as enmeshed on my side as he is.

But I’m an American citizen, and I want us to be careful. Ukraine was, and still is, a country marbled with corruption. That doesn’t mean we should not be helping it. I am glad we are. I insist we do. But my sense is that the Biden team is walking much more of a tightrope with Zelensky than it would appear to the eye — wanting to do everything possible to make sure he wins this war but doing so in a way that still keeps some distance between us and Ukraine’s leadership. That’s so Kyiv is not calling the shots and so we’ll not be embarrassed by messy Ukrainian politics in the war’s aftermath.

The view of Biden and his team, according to my reporting, is that America needs to help Ukraine restore its sovereignty and beat the Russians back — but not let Ukraine turn itself into an American protectorate on the border of Russia. We need to stay laser-focused on what is our national interest and not stray in ways that lead to exposures and risks we don’t want.


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Error. dchill May 2022 #1
Oh, yes - and the US is super clean. No corruption here. harumph May 2022 #2
The USA is a country marbled with corruption. Haggard Celine May 2022 #3
I didn't read it that way. maxsolomon May 2022 #4
Ukraine has a history of corruption. How does Thomas Friedman know it is still corrupt? NT texasfiddler May 2022 #5
Why, he talked with his cab driver, silly!! hatrack May 2022 #16
You can say that about literally any country. ColinC May 2022 #6
Canada? Iceland? NZ? maxsolomon May 2022 #13
...and you can likely find examples anywhere to try and say that the corruption is a problem ColinC May 2022 #15
Hmm... Mike Nelson May 2022 #7
This Is Stupid, Sir The Magistrate May 2022 #8
I would Luke to remind everyone that Ukraine voluntary gave up thermonuclear weapons it had from USS grantcart May 2022 #17
US is doing what it agreed to do, the language is screwed up to no end but we're holding our end uponit7771 May 2022 #19
The Budapest Memorandum of 1994 is in simple and straight forward language grantcart May 2022 #21
+1, A sitting SCJ's wife enabled and stoked a damn insurrection and he didn't recuse himself when uponit7771 May 2022 #18
I'm Sure It Will Be Sorted Out Within One Friedman Unit nt smb May 2022 #9
Fuck Off, Attention Monger, Friedman.. Cha May 2022 #10
Friedman jumped the shark years ago Ritabert May 2022 #11
Yeah there wasn't any corruption going on in the last administration. 😂😂😂😂 Phoenix61 May 2022 #12
Friedman is right. former9thward May 2022 #14
No Comparison smb May 2022 #22
Thom Friedman is a ridiclous person with absolutely no credibility except for the marks on a clock blogslug May 2022 #20
Oligarchs are it, Baby. Kid Berwyn May 2022 #23
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