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61. I have realized over the last few years that there has never been a rebuttal to the feminist...
Sun May 8, 2022, 02:12 PM
May 2022

assertion that there IS a patriarchy. There fave been no male or female scholars or legal minds that have argued that there is no patriarchy, or the patriarchy is justified for these reasons, or made any substantive justification for the centuries-old subjugation of women by a patriarchy. Combine that with the unarguable fact that in this country, the right to rule at all stems from the consent of the governed. I think it is time, and past time, for women to assert their right to rule their own bodies. It will be difficult, perhaps impossible for the moment, but if there is no secular justification for sexist enslavement of women, women will not consent to any law that results in enforced child bearing. Women should make the argument that men can do all the jobs women now do for free and willingly if they attempt to use the power of the state to enforce pregnancy. Men can care for the infants, supervise the school children, teach them, care for their parents in old age, and just run this country without the help of women.

The argument is that the governmental institutions of a patriarchy do not have the right to enforce pregnancy on a woman's body. Period. For any reason. Women should not have to ask for forgiveness because they were raped, or their daughter is pregnant by her father, or the fetus is badly damaged. The state has no right to oversee or make judgments on her use of her body to have a baby, or to not have a baby.

I really would like to see this as an Amendment to the Constitution of this country. Just like the Amendment that men like to misunderstand as giving them the right to firearms because they want to own them. Pregnancy and motherhood are serious business, and it's time this and every country recognized the degree to which women hold societies together. Our government needs to recognize that, and Get. Out. of. the. Way.

My stock answer to these sentiments Freddie May 2022 #1
Right? It's like we're parking meters. Scrivener7 May 2022 #2
Love you, Peggy. Scrivener7 May 2022 #4
Back atcha, my dear Scrivener7... CaliforniaPeggy May 2022 #5
Except, we can't stop them from taking our right to our own bodies. THEY ARE DOING IT. Novara May 2022 #6
I think boycotts and protests are useful to bring attention to the problem. I think this Scrivener7 May 2022 #7
You're right, protests are useful to get people engaged Novara May 2022 #8
The Women's March organizers have said they will be making an announcement this week Scrivener7 May 2022 #9
I am glad to hear it! Novara May 2022 #66
Me, too! ShazzieB May 2022 #73
Thank you for saying that. usonian May 2022 #50
Speaking of boycotts, how many DUers wnylib May 2022 #87
I am. You? Scrivener7 May 2022 #88
Yup. I was out of milk, so I bought a gallon wnylib May 2022 #91
I am disappointed that this did not catch on. I do not see it widely discussed on Scrivener7 May 2022 #92
I'm in NY, too. Buffalo area. wnylib May 2022 #98
I am doing it. XacerbatedDem May 2022 #93
Good to hear it. Hope more are also in on this. wnylib May 2022 #99
More and BETTER Democrats. OMGWTF May 2022 #21
Civil disobedience. It has stopped wars. It can stop this. spanone May 2022 #25
Unfortunately it can't. SoonerPride May 2022 #31
Civil disobedience has overthrown govts. 58Sunliner May 2022 #35
So we're supposed to just give up? Really? ShazzieB May 2022 #74
I said nothing of the kind. SoonerPride May 2022 #81
You implied it. ShazzieB May 2022 #85
Truth be told our rights have never been codified into the Constitution. We have the States, we 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #120
Taking a personal and public stand. GoldandSilver May 2022 #55
Cancel Republicans. Elect Democrats. Beartracks May 2022 #59
K&R Solly Mack May 2022 #10
They are going to edhopper May 2022 #11
Nope. I don't have to be understanding to a message that accedes to the end of my rights. Scrivener7 May 2022 #13
Thanks for missing my point edhopper May 2022 #15
Did you notice that you said that making men pay money Scrivener7 May 2022 #24
If multiple people are "missing your point" COL Mustard May 2022 #26
That could well be true edhopper May 2022 #33
point is pretty clear to me... I'm kinda of mystified by it on the one hand, on the other hand msfiddlestix May 2022 #47
There is a lot we can do to stop them, but we will not inconvenience ourselves in order to do them. Magoo48 May 2022 #20
So you're suggesting that women just lay back and enjoy the experience? COL Mustard May 2022 #22
Men will never pay the same price, ever. 58Sunliner May 2022 #34
Women and FAMILIES! The research on who has abortions reveals littlemissmartypants May 2022 #56
This is true Novara May 2022 #67
That's right. 58Sunliner May 2022 #82
+1 TeamProg May 2022 #44
Fighting and wanting to keep our rights is fucking narrow-minded now? MrsCoffee May 2022 #95
Exactly! Thank you! 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #122
It's like women will have to make concessions. lpbk2713 May 2022 #12
applies to all women regardless of socio-economic class, ethnicity, religion, education, housecat May 2022 #14
We can't let the GOP aka " Amercan Taliban"... BlueJac May 2022 #16
Kick & so recommended. Human rights are well...rights. bronxiteforever May 2022 #17
K&R with thanks uppityperson May 2022 #18
Thank you for posting my thoughts Ferrets are Cool May 2022 #19
bravo. on the mark. thank you. nt enneacanthus May 2022 #23
White men never "pay" for anything. LakeArenal May 2022 #27
You know what's even more annoying? FakeNoose May 2022 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author Scrivener7 May 2022 #29
+10000000000000 Karma13612 May 2022 #32
You and me both. I feel almost literally besieged! calimary May 2022 #38
Well my friend, we support when we can FakeNoose May 2022 #42
Yes. You try to help. And it smacks you in the face. calimary May 2022 #54
Same here. And it's constant. They never let up. smirkymonkey May 2022 #121
Two fund-raising mailings per year! kiri May 2022 #107
If you're going to give money, Novara May 2022 #68
+1, uponit7771 May 2022 #84
You got that right! Karma13612 May 2022 #30
I really dislike the inherent capitulation and powerlessness in those posts. 58Sunliner May 2022 #36
You're saying that we should NOT at least present and consider these other options? TeamProg May 2022 #37
They are NOT "other options." They are not alternatives to women's rights. Do I really need Scrivener7 May 2022 #40
Narrow-minded people who are on the fence about abortion might never have considered the TeamProg May 2022 #43
If you are saying "If we're going to take away women's rights, men have to pay child support" Scrivener7 May 2022 #45
It appears that SCOTUS is going to move on this. Many Red States want them to. TeamProg May 2022 #48
Oh, for fuck's sake. "Men's co-pregnancies"?? Are you kidding me? Scrivener7 May 2022 #51
It just doesn't sound right to say "men's pregnancies", but that's CLEARLY what I meant. TeamProg May 2022 #72
Men don't have pregnancies. MrsCoffee May 2022 #96
Couples who say "We're pregnant" must seem very TeamProg May 2022 #101
You aren't actually interested in presenting or listening to arguments to find a way to maintain TeamProg May 2022 #103
Fuck that noise. MrsCoffee May 2022 #104
Hysteria is a misogynistic word. DLevine May 2022 #106
Gender defined perhaps, but "misogynistic" is not accurate. More likely a case of logomisia. TeamProg May 2022 #108
It's offensive. DLevine May 2022 #109
Thank you! Because there are marginalized women and at risk children by the multitudes NOW. 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #119
Yikes. BlackSkimmer May 2022 #110
Deflection. What about couples who claim "we're pregnant"? TeamProg May 2022 #111
In the discussions that have arisen on DU over this in the past few days, I have counted four Scrivener7 May 2022 #112
Yes. They are stripping rights from women Novara May 2022 #69
"If you're going to take away women's rights, we will cast a spell that makes your dick fall off." milestogo May 2022 #39
Please. After this week and the responses I've seen, I'd love that power. Scrivener7 May 2022 #46
K&R DLevine May 2022 #41
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ n/t msfiddlestix May 2022 #49
Yes. BlackSkimmer May 2022 #52
Thank you for sharing how I feel. I'm disturbed by all of those comebacks, too. littlemissmartypants May 2022 #53
YES!!!!! THANK YOU! bless your clear-headed-heart! bluboid May 2022 #57
Forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity. The Jungle 1 May 2022 #58
Personally, I feel they've declared war on me and my gender MyMission May 2022 #60
I have realized over the last few years that there has never been a rebuttal to the feminist... planetc May 2022 #61
This x 1000. Scrivener7 May 2022 #77
This should be an OP! Please make it so... K&R, nt. druidity33 May 2022 #117
I am doing this, but piecemeal. I've just posted Part I, and will follow up with Pt. II soonish. planetc May 2022 #123
K&R. Last line especially. Jakes Progress May 2022 #62
It is NOT wrong to suggest that if you are going to strip half the population of their rights, 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #63
"At least pay lip service." No. All those making this argument are acting as if Scrivener7 May 2022 #64
+1 MrsCoffee May 2022 #97
Having grown up in foster care because of my parents DEATH 2Gingersnaps May 2022 #118
When I say FelineOverlord May 2022 #65
Do you have a way to prevent this? brooklynite May 2022 #70
Nope. I'm still back at the "No" stage. I'm not at the "Let's pretend child support will Scrivener7 May 2022 #71
I absolutely agree, Scrivener7! ShazzieB May 2022 #75
And let's face, it Shazzie, it goes way beyond the birth. Most women WILL Scrivener7 May 2022 #76
I think some of them do get it. ShazzieB May 2022 #83
I definitely agree that some do get it. I would say a majority here. Scrivener7 May 2022 #86
Ad judges questionseverything May 2022 #78
Thin the herd? czarjak May 2022 #89
No one thinks those are solutions wryter2000 May 2022 #79
Huh. That's an interesting response. Scrivener7 May 2022 #80
Very. MrsCoffee May 2022 #100
I hope you don't think I approve of getting rid of Roe wryter2000 May 2022 #113
So now I'm venting AND screaming. Gracious! Scrivener7 May 2022 #114
Take a look at your subject line wryter2000 May 2022 #115
Uh huh. And now there's a question about whether you have a monopoly on grace? Scrivener7 May 2022 #116
When the court eliminates all legal, non-violent means of resistance Orrex May 2022 #90
Child support is not a "way to resist." People are making it out to be some revolutionary Scrivener7 May 2022 #94
Exactly correct Bettie May 2022 #105
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