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And what about the daughters of the employee? Or the Phoenix61 May 2022 #1
yes they are... agingdem May 2022 #5
Corporations are legal "persons" Eyeball_Kid May 2022 #2
Interesting view. Therefore corporations should be locked up / kept out of society. erronis May 2022 #20
Or better yet, how about "pulling out" of states that make abortion illegal? smirkymonkey May 2022 #3
Thank you! 50 Shades Of Blue May 2022 #4
Elon Musk is horrible. I will NEVER buy one of his AllyCat May 2022 #22
Very good. may I share on facebook? nt Fresh_Start May 2022 #6
Please do. BoomaofBandM May 2022 #7
Well said. (nt) Paladin May 2022 #8
And what about a national law banning abortions? The Repukes have already said they'll do it Native May 2022 #9
That won't happen unless they have Tree Lady May 2022 #12
That I know, but it's a distinct possibility. Those Supremes aren't going anywhere for a long time. Native May 2022 #14
Don't remind me I am still upset we didn't Tree Lady May 2022 #15
I'm with you 100%. Native May 2022 #16
But what could have been done? We didnt have the majority. oldsoftie May 2022 #18
We do now and still can't get anything done. AllyCat May 2022 #23
Any corporation who gave money to republican candidates Mr.Bill May 2022 #10
True.... n/t xocetaceans May 2022 #11
When I think about all the empty buildings in the Northeast, from companies that relocated intheflow May 2022 #13
It's all well and good that the corps are helping with abortion. But if you were pregnant, fierywoman May 2022 #17
Great for their employees XanaDUer2 May 2022 #19
Just like "health benefits" for employees - this doesn't work for the non-employed. erronis May 2022 #21
This is a good response to this issue LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #24
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