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20. Yes, this. 45* made it ok to bring racism back out into the open.
Sun May 1, 2022, 07:59 PM
May 2022

At least before 45*, racists were beginning to be driven underground so that their rancid beliefs weren't quite as able to infect others. After 45* that bullshit is in full daylight and far more likely to capture the heart and soul of weak minded people who might not have fallen into that trap before.

I've actually argued with people who believe that crap on Quora Clash City Rocker May 2022 #1
Quora is a Q&A site. No relation to "Q" nuttery except for those who post such there. JHB May 2022 #4
man. that would be a nice power to have here. mopinko May 2022 #13
To be able to censure responses to your opinions that agree/disagree with you at your discretion? Cheezoholic May 2022 #24
agree/disagree? no no no mopinko May 2022 #25
Thank you! 2naSalit May 2022 #2
Yep rpannier May 2022 #3
Trump "emboldened" the Nazis keithbvadu2 May 2022 #5
Yes, this. 45* made it ok to bring racism back out into the open. groundloop May 2022 #20
Makes me feel so discouraged about this country. calimary May 2022 #26
That is so spot-on, it could have been a Mike Lukovich cartoon. GoCubsGo May 2022 #6
Santa underpants May 2022 #7
The want to be lied to Aviation Pro May 2022 #12
Ball don't lie underpants May 2022 #16
still genius bringthePaine May 2022 #8
Kick dalton99a May 2022 #9
Let Doonesbury be kicked. planetc May 2022 #10
Yes indeed Wild blueberry May 2022 #11
Doonesbury kick! crickets May 2022 #14
K&R, uponit7771 May 2022 #15
Another great Doonesbury strip LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #17
Kicktoon. The inestimable Doonesbury does it again Hekate May 2022 #18
The problem with propaganda is . . . Aussie105 May 2022 #19
🌻🌻🌻💙K💛&💛R💙🌻🌻🌻 ShazzieB May 2022 #21
Doonesbury nails it! burrowowl May 2022 #22
Great Post...and Thank You for all the work you do for all of us at Democratic Underground. K & $ Stuart G May 2022 #23
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