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29. Not on it.
Mon Apr 25, 2022, 03:22 PM
Apr 2022

Much more pleasant listening to the birds Twittering in my garden while I sketch. DU is already chock full of it but at least those are cherry picked humorous opinions that don’t go on ad nauseum.

I thought I would be terribly addicted to this newfangled iPhone when I first got it. I spent hours on every site that interested me, and was so proud of the commentary that I would contribute.

But as years go by, I find these opinion sites much less interesting and other than DU, skip them all together. Basically I just use my phone now to receive and send texts, check the weather, and set my alarm clock. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that what I thought would be a troubling addiction has not turned into such. Oh… and Amazon. Now that HAS turned into a troubling addiction.

I would join twitter... jcgoldie Apr 2022 #1
That's a good strategy bucolic_frolic Apr 2022 #8
Honking and flipping the bird... jcgoldie Apr 2022 #13
Oh, well... MineralMan Apr 2022 #2
I rarely go to Twitter anyway Ritabert Apr 2022 #3
Not on it much. However, it's not like the current major stockholders are saints. Hoyt Apr 2022 #4
I was banned so it doesn't matter. edbermac Apr 2022 #5
That's a Badge of Honor bucolic_frolic Apr 2022 #10
Me too haha nini Apr 2022 #20
Left it long ago ibegurpard Apr 2022 #6
Only if he lets trump back on SoonerPride Apr 2022 #7
THIS. Silver Gaia Apr 2022 #9
I already didn't like or have it. dchill Apr 2022 #11
I have an account that I barely use. I've maybe tweeted 3 things. Gore1FL Apr 2022 #12
Depends on if I see a change. I've learned a lot from people on Twitter. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2022 #14
If he takes it over and goes private, it will fail anyway. haele Apr 2022 #15
Perhaps the new twitter should be considered a RW news source in DU's TOS Fiendish Thingy Apr 2022 #16
I was banned eShirl Apr 2022 #17
No-- we need people there to report and correct mis/disinformation. Free speech cuts both ways andym Apr 2022 #18
Depends on how he changes it. I don't post much there but spooky3 Apr 2022 #19
No. Elessar Zappa Apr 2022 #21
I don't have Twitter, but I didn't have MySpace either... SKKY Apr 2022 #22
I'm wondering if... Hugin Apr 2022 #23
No, I barely use it to follow a couple people that I like, dumping it would hurt no one but me Shanti Shanti Shanti Apr 2022 #24
I will leave Twitter if Musk lets Trump back on liberal_mama Apr 2022 #25
I'm operating with the assumption that will be one of the first things he does. ColinC Apr 2022 #26
This, this, this. 1000 times THIS. 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 dixiechiken1 Apr 2022 #27
No, Even if Trump is let back on forthemiddle Apr 2022 #28
Being intolerant to disinfromation and bullying is not the same as being intolerant to different ColinC Apr 2022 #30
Not on it. tavernier Apr 2022 #29
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