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4. Not on it much. However, it's not like the current major stockholders are saints.
Mon Apr 25, 2022, 12:46 PM
Apr 2022

Look em up, if you don’t believe me.

Will be interesting to see what Musk does.

As long as we and thousands of other can rebut comments we don’t like, not worried. And that won’t change because no one will go there just to read what trump JR has to say.

I would join twitter... jcgoldie Apr 2022 #1
That's a good strategy bucolic_frolic Apr 2022 #8
Honking and flipping the bird... jcgoldie Apr 2022 #13
Oh, well... MineralMan Apr 2022 #2
I rarely go to Twitter anyway Ritabert Apr 2022 #3
Not on it much. However, it's not like the current major stockholders are saints. Hoyt Apr 2022 #4
I was banned so it doesn't matter. edbermac Apr 2022 #5
That's a Badge of Honor bucolic_frolic Apr 2022 #10
Me too haha nini Apr 2022 #20
Left it long ago ibegurpard Apr 2022 #6
Only if he lets trump back on SoonerPride Apr 2022 #7
THIS. Silver Gaia Apr 2022 #9
I already didn't like or have it. dchill Apr 2022 #11
I have an account that I barely use. I've maybe tweeted 3 things. Gore1FL Apr 2022 #12
Depends on if I see a change. I've learned a lot from people on Twitter. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2022 #14
If he takes it over and goes private, it will fail anyway. haele Apr 2022 #15
Perhaps the new twitter should be considered a RW news source in DU's TOS Fiendish Thingy Apr 2022 #16
I was banned eShirl Apr 2022 #17
No-- we need people there to report and correct mis/disinformation. Free speech cuts both ways andym Apr 2022 #18
Depends on how he changes it. I don't post much there but spooky3 Apr 2022 #19
No. Elessar Zappa Apr 2022 #21
I don't have Twitter, but I didn't have MySpace either... SKKY Apr 2022 #22
I'm wondering if... Hugin Apr 2022 #23
No, I barely use it to follow a couple people that I like, dumping it would hurt no one but me Shanti Shanti Shanti Apr 2022 #24
I will leave Twitter if Musk lets Trump back on liberal_mama Apr 2022 #25
I'm operating with the assumption that will be one of the first things he does. ColinC Apr 2022 #26
This, this, this. 1000 times THIS. 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 dixiechiken1 Apr 2022 #27
No, Even if Trump is let back on forthemiddle Apr 2022 #28
Being intolerant to disinfromation and bullying is not the same as being intolerant to different ColinC Apr 2022 #30
Not on it. tavernier Apr 2022 #29
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