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4. Keep that thought !!! I've been raving for over a year about Dem messaging and why they're not ...
Fri Apr 8, 2022, 02:01 PM
Apr 2022

... flooding message zones like the GZP.

I no longer believe dem messaging isn't doing what they can, its GZP getting outside help to flood message zones via US SM. When Russians shut down US SM sites Dem messaging floated to the top VERY Quick.

Not only that MAGA Media is very coordinated along with GZP to flood broadcast radio and TV. The FCC knows this and should do their job vs trying *NOT* to look partisan which sounds like a common theme in US government.

There are 210m Americans over the age of 16, 3% = over 6 million people the M$M seeks out to cause bullshit.

So, there are only 3% anti-vaxxers? intrepidity Apr 2022 #1
Yeah, that seems far too low, like a good 20-30% too low. LonePirate Apr 2022 #2
Its 16 and over, there are nearly 75 million under 16 (yeah, before CV19 Americans were ... uponit7771 Apr 2022 #6
If you look at the individual states in the interactive maps, they show greater than 100% Tanuki Apr 2022 #3
+1, ... and the stat is 16 and over which leaves nearly 100 million other Americans uponit7771 Apr 2022 #7
Keep that thought !!! I've been raving for over a year about Dem messaging and why they're not ... uponit7771 Apr 2022 #4
I don't think it's the MSM intrepidity Apr 2022 #9
True, if they're adults they're part of the 6 million. That's still a lot but the stat leaves out .. uponit7771 Apr 2022 #12
Just look at how smart the East Coast is! Totally Tunsie Apr 2022 #5
I love seeing Florida doing the best in the south. No surprise! jimfields33 Apr 2022 #8
It's just about messaging from the right. Claustrum Apr 2022 #10
This is arguably the biggest aggrievance of TFG's administration. Totally Tunsie Apr 2022 #11
TBH, I think a little skepticism at the very beginning when vaccines were available is understandabl Claustrum Apr 2022 #13
I was holding back at first, but I trust(ed) Dr. Fauci's expertise Totally Tunsie Apr 2022 #18
+1, same here ... I was waiting but when I looked at stats world wide I became less worried uponit7771 Apr 2022 #19
+1, ... but notice how TFGs AR never fell below 35% after bold faced lying and killing thousands of uponit7771 Apr 2022 #14
I think they got pissed that the vaccine manufactures...... TheRealNorth Apr 2022 #15
He claimed victory at it anyways Claustrum Apr 2022 #17
But he didn't get the press conference with the Pfizer and Moderna CEO's TheRealNorth Apr 2022 #21
I don't think that's correct. Captain Stern Apr 2022 #16
Possibly, looks like CDC has stats lower ... I'll correct to reflect CDC numbers which are still ... uponit7771 Apr 2022 #20
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