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50. Your quote is wrong.....
Wed Apr 6, 2022, 07:15 PM
Apr 2022

Here is the correct one:

“Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.”

Herschel Walker, the Worst Candidate, Trump-Approved left-of-center2012 Apr 2022 #1
I hate to say this, but... moose65 Apr 2022 #30
May be true but he will certainly pull more of the black vote than most GOPers. BlueNProud Apr 2022 #31
Voting for Walker iemanja Apr 2022 #43
The stuff about high school does not make any sense. former9thward Apr 2022 #54
The yearbook probably DIDN'T mention it moose65 Apr 2022 #57
They can ask the high school. former9thward Apr 2022 #58
What in the actual fuck? onecaliberal Apr 2022 #2
Time to put out some ads attacking all the things that Walker has said and done. Bev54 Apr 2022 #3
Remember that this is the state where Major Traitor Greene is an elected official MerryHolidays Apr 2022 #4
WTAF is wrong with Georgia? Ocelot II Apr 2022 #5
It's full of White Republicans. maxsolomon Apr 2022 #28
DW and I were saying the same thing today. We always thought of leaving the South walkingman Apr 2022 #52
The GOP has found their perfect candidate Blue Owl Apr 2022 #6
People are just stupid kacekwl Apr 2022 #7
Which is like bonus points for Republicans ck4829 Apr 2022 #14
He's not only a liar and a dimwit ... LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #23
If there's a debate that Walker won't boycott, that'll help. Warnock needs to flood the popular TV Karadeniz Apr 2022 #8
Walker's already said he's doing NO debates .... LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #24
In other words, he can't debate in a parliamentary level. LakeArenal Apr 2022 #39
That's the new GOP strategy, no debates to have to face up to the awful truths about them. Karadeniz Apr 2022 #49
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #56
and 6% in this poll are undecided, which means it is a dead heat JohnSJ Apr 2022 #9
It's hard to believe, in America, that smart could ever beat dumb /nt bucolic_frolic Apr 2022 #10
Walker is very, very weak Beakybird Apr 2022 #11
In Other Words, He'll Probably Win SoCalDavidS Apr 2022 #13
Domestic violence is a big minus in a purple state. Beakybird Apr 2022 #18
This should be the #1 topic of ALL ads, tops in his his class, give me a fawking break..... a kennedy Apr 2022 #42
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #26
If you are looking at qualifications and qualities, yes, you are correct. Caliman73 Apr 2022 #27
I'll take that poll right now. SmallFry Apr 2022 #12
Seriously? ck4829 Apr 2022 #15
Walker would be another MTG. brer cat Apr 2022 #16
Post removed Post removed Apr 2022 #17
So all of Maryland, DC, Virginia and 90+% of Delaware are 15 IQ points lower? Well I guess Congress kelly1mm Apr 2022 #22
"You can knock off a quick 15 IQ points anywhere south of that Mason-Dixon line." TheProle Apr 2022 #25
Because he was a... 3catwoman3 Apr 2022 #19
Absolutely. Caliman73 Apr 2022 #29
That really sucks. Walker is as dumb as a rock. Demsrule86 Apr 2022 #20
Walker won't win... just wait until the debates budkin Apr 2022 #21
apparently he is refusing all debates (per multiple posters I have seen) Celerity Apr 2022 #35
He said he's not having any as of now with her primary opponents ..... LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #41
Which one of walker's multiple personalities is ahead? BannonsLiver Apr 2022 #32
A $1400 payday doesn't come with the Dem candidate this time. GoodRaisin Apr 2022 #33
I'm hoping Warnock gets a boost by Stacey Abrams being on the ballot... dixiechiken1 Apr 2022 #34
They're not for Walker or the GOP or against Warnock gulliver Apr 2022 #36
Walker is a carpetbagger in his own home state. IOKIYAAR keithbvadu2 Apr 2022 #37
I'm hoping Black women will rescue us again TlalocW Apr 2022 #38
You'd be surprised ..... LenaBaby61 Apr 2022 #48
I'm hearing from relatives in Atlanta that Warnock has a ...... Lovie777 Apr 2022 #40
I hope, have given to his campaign..... a kennedy Apr 2022 #44
Perfect candidate for trump and GOP to endorse. sheshe2 Apr 2022 #45
the guy is a fucking lunatic.............. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takket Apr 2022 #46
Walker's polling far worse than Perdue and Loeffler were prior to their electoral failures. Torchlight Apr 2022 #47
Your quote is wrong..... USALiberal Apr 2022 #50
It will be all about turnout. Keep in mind that in this poll 6% were undecided, and that is the JohnSJ Apr 2022 #53
Walker would be the MTG of the Senate dlk Apr 2022 #51
That's if you believe a Hill/Emerson College poll lees1975 Apr 2022 #55
A-...still pretty accurate brooklynite Apr 2022 #59
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