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I don't think it is right to eat other humans Effete Snob Apr 2022 #1
? obamanut2012 Apr 2022 #2
It's a joke Bettie Apr 2022 #3
? Some people have trouble with their spelling Emile Apr 2022 #4
She's only a widow because people like you prolly ate her husband Effete Snob Apr 2022 #5
Is prolly an actual word? LOL Emile Apr 2022 #6
It is in Philadelphia Effete Snob Apr 2022 #13
Or Black Tuna obamanut2012 Apr 2022 #7
Can we smoke them? Not into edibles. Earth-shine Apr 2022 #10
Kippers! Effete Snob Apr 2022 #12
At first I thought it read "recreational cannibalism". Aristus Apr 2022 #8
hahahhahah obamanut2012 Apr 2022 #9
Yes Calculating Apr 2022 #11
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