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Effete Snob

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1. I don't think it is right to eat other humans
Tue Apr 5, 2022, 08:38 AM
Apr 2022

I don't care if they would have wanted it that way and died of natural causes or whatever. I just don't think it's right for people to eat other people.

For absolute survival purposes, like the Donner party or those people on that airplane that crashed in the Andes, okay, maybe.

But for recreation? No way is that justified.

And giving them cute names I've seen, like "edibles", doesn't make it any better.

I don't think it is right to eat other humans Effete Snob Apr 2022 #1
? obamanut2012 Apr 2022 #2
It's a joke Bettie Apr 2022 #3
? Some people have trouble with their spelling Emile Apr 2022 #4
She's only a widow because people like you prolly ate her husband Effete Snob Apr 2022 #5
Is prolly an actual word? LOL Emile Apr 2022 #6
It is in Philadelphia Effete Snob Apr 2022 #13
Or Black Tuna obamanut2012 Apr 2022 #7
Can we smoke them? Not into edibles. Earth-shine Apr 2022 #10
Kippers! Effete Snob Apr 2022 #12
At first I thought it read "recreational cannibalism". Aristus Apr 2022 #8
hahahhahah obamanut2012 Apr 2022 #9
Yes Calculating Apr 2022 #11
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