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Their entire country is being leveled... BlueJac Apr 2022 #1
I was wondering about mercenaries, too. yardwork Apr 2022 #2
Seems to be their... 2naSalit Apr 2022 #3
Hmm...Erik Prince? AllyCat Apr 2022 #15
Do we know where he is? NCjack Apr 2022 #21
Usually on the Sunday morning shows. AllyCat Apr 2022 #27
Erik Prince needs to be tied in and evicted. LiberalFighter Apr 2022 #31
Smells like Wagner Group JohnQFunk Apr 2022 #33
MAGA will do to minority groups in US what Russians did to citizens in Bucha. uponit7771 Apr 2022 #4
You are absolutely right. HUAJIAO Apr 2022 #12
It's been their wet dream for years. sop Apr 2022 #18
without any doubt llashram Apr 2022 #23
This. It's what they want to do here. onecaliberal Apr 2022 #32
This is what has been reported OneBlueDotS-Carolina Apr 2022 #5
How many more atrocities must be committed before NATO says enough is enough? Frustratedlady Apr 2022 #6
That's the $64K question. OneBlueDotS-Carolina Apr 2022 #10
Isn't preventing atrocities such as this exactly why the UN was formed? Hugin Apr 2022 #13
Russia can veto any resolution that comes before the UN Security Council Mariana Apr 2022 #20
There was some question as to why Russia was grandfathered into... Hugin Apr 2022 #22
"Ukraine: Second UN convoy reaches Sumy, Mariupol access thwarted" Mariana Apr 2022 #37
Hiding. OneBlueDotS-Carolina Apr 2022 #35
+100 Absolutely. Totally planned by the Kremlin. bronxiteforever Apr 2022 #8
Here's another one saying roughly the same thing. Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #34
Agreed Bayard Apr 2022 #7
Twitter has accounts of rapes of very young girls. Putin will eventually be tried before the world Joinfortmill Apr 2022 #9
he... llashram Apr 2022 #24
Sounds like the Wagner Group...a mercenary group created by Putin. patphil Apr 2022 #11
You can't blame it on mercenaries. It's happening everywhere Russian army occupies Ukrainian land. Beastly Boy Apr 2022 #14
The need to absolve the Russian army and the Russian people from blame here is really greenjar_01 Apr 2022 #16
true this llashram Apr 2022 #25
I've never seen posters on Democratic Underground be so dismissive about rape. Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #36
I keep thinking this will balloon into WWIII KS Toronado Apr 2022 #17
Killing off local populations has been happening throughout history. keithbvadu2 Apr 2022 #19
See First Nations people in this country AntivaxHunters Apr 2022 #26
it has always llashram Apr 2022 #28
The brutality of invading forces gets even worse wnylib Apr 2022 #29
Russian History Repeating Itself? Desert_Leslie Apr 2022 #30
If it was Syrians, then it's terrorism IronLionZion Apr 2022 #38
+1, uponit7771 Apr 2022 #40
See Zelensky's message directly to Russians tonight. Grasswire2 Apr 2022 #39
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