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Thank you AG Garland [View all] malaise Mar 2022 OP
we all wish it would go faster RussBLib Mar 2022 #1
And it seems they have not stopped, breaking laws on a daily basis. Bev54 Mar 2022 #5
Why would they stop? Nobody's ever going to jail. lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #6
So they think, or thought anyway. Bev54 Mar 2022 #7
I'm with ya Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #20
Slow but tough Goonch Mar 2022 #2
You win the thread malaise Mar 2022 #12
Make a great T-shirt KS Toronado Mar 2022 #15
I remember t-shirts like this for Robert Mueller. Jakes Progress Mar 2022 #19
This +1000! mcar Mar 2022 #3
I don't know what he will do. SmallFry Mar 2022 #4
Bumper sticker as a decision point for prosecutions? Do Tell. bucolic_frolic Mar 2022 #13
I truly trust you comprehend my statement... SmallFry Mar 2022 #17
Yes, but can we take it to the bank? llmart Mar 2022 #8
Yes malaise Mar 2022 #11
👍🏼K&R👍🏼 spanone Mar 2022 #9
From your lips to God's ears, my friend. 11 Bravo Mar 2022 #10
Watergate was a slow process too. Norbert Mar 2022 #14
Just Saying ZellyCabMem Mar 2022 #21
You have more faith than I do my friend. Ferrets are Cool Mar 2022 #16
I'm in the I'll "believe when it happens" crowd. I'm a skeptic and pessimist. OverBurn Mar 2022 #18
did i miss something? orleans Mar 2022 #22
I think the DOJ is still ignoring the Jan 6 committee subpoenas. Maybe the OP Emile Mar 2022 #23
Huh? progressoid Mar 2022 #24
I concur Cozmo Mar 2022 #25
You do know, if this drags out a bit more, and just happens to be in full swing... SKKY Mar 2022 #26
I'm fine with that malaise Mar 2022 #27
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