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26. At the time, I'm not sure they'd concluded Souter was a mistake.
Sun Mar 27, 2022, 07:50 PM
Mar 2022

I haven't researched that part, but my general recollection was that it was a few years later that they'd figured out that Souter wasn't the ideological operative they'd thought he was when they'd nominated him.

For the Thomas hearings, it was more a case of picking a black conservative to replace Thurgood Marshal. However, most black conservative jurists at the time were prone to having "conservatively incorrect" views in civil rights matters. But Senator Danforth said "i know a guy", and the rest is sorry history.

SCOTUS: unqualified. [View all] 634-5789 Mar 2022 OP
Clarence Thomas was not qualified either. DURHAM D Mar 2022 #1
I would love to see a comparison of the Justices RamblingRose Mar 2022 #4
Excellent idea. Not sure all of the categories to use erronis Mar 2022 #6
Hillary had a tweet with exactly that information a few days ago. It was posted niyad Mar 2022 #21
Not as a graphic, but me from 2014: JHB Mar 2022 #12
All true, except he's now been on the court for 30 years. ShazzieB Mar 2022 #15
They needed to make up for the mistake of David Souter IronLionZion Mar 2022 #16
At the time, I'm not sure they'd concluded Souter was a mistake. JHB Mar 2022 #26
Clarence Thomas... appmanga Mar 2022 #28
Yeah but the BABIES! Thunderbeast Mar 2022 #2
Speaking of which, wind her up. . . DinahMoeHum Mar 2022 #7
Birth control is a sin. SergeStorms Mar 2022 #17
But I am willing to betray all American women. milestogo Mar 2022 #3
That's half the fun when you're a Republican peppertree Mar 2022 #23
K&r Demovictory9 Mar 2022 #5
Saw this earlier. On DU? usonian Mar 2022 #8
+1 H2O Man Mar 2022 #13
yeah, i don't think she should be knocked for going to Notre Dame. Calista241 Mar 2022 #32
IANAL, so I can't comment on the quality of any law school. usonian Mar 2022 #33
Anyone know what her stand is on parking garages? Hugin Mar 2022 #9
uNQUALIFIED marieo1 Mar 2022 #10
By that measure, some pretty great Justices were unqualified. onenote Mar 2022 #11
she is a repuke hack Skittles Mar 2022 #14
Much like Trump, she was chosen by Jesus. walkingman Mar 2022 #18
The Federalist Society really. n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2022 #25
The American Bar Association rated her "Well Qualified". PoliticAverse Mar 2022 #19
The meme is stupid onenote Mar 2022 #24
And there's the fact that she endorsed an anti-abortion terrorist group TexasBushwhacker Mar 2022 #20
And as bad as the Handmaid is - she's far from the worst in today's Extreme Court peppertree Mar 2022 #22
Her qualification, I am afraid to say, is in the eyes of the beholder, she is perfect for repubs. Escurumbele Mar 2022 #27
You could add "unscrupulous" to the description. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2022 #29
Supremacy Goonch Mar 2022 #30
Pack the effing courts already! BlueWavePsych Mar 2022 #31
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