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15. Voter ID = voter suppression
Sun Oct 28, 2012, 11:58 AM
Oct 2012

Don't really think a voter ID law coming from Jeb and Catherine Harris would have favored Gore voters.

Bush "won" five to four in an election theft that will resonate down through history. MADem Oct 2012 #1
There was a bloodless coup d-etat in 2000. But no one held a gun to Gore's head to coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #2
Sorry, he went as far as he could nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #7
Nadin, I will always accuse myself of failing my civic duty in Nov and Dec of 2000 when, coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #10
I love everything you said. 12AngryBorneoWildmen Oct 2012 #29
It brought me down already to the point where I no longer participate much coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #32
You and me both, brother RobertEarl Oct 2012 #78
Had Gore done that, Bush would have conceded immediately. BlueCaliDem Oct 2012 #36
It would definitely have been a watershed moment in the American coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #37
Well said. Most of us could not have imagined the harm that would be done sabrina 1 Oct 2012 #41
Of all the DU posts by all of the great minds i have EVER read.... chknltl Oct 2012 #42
Thank you for the compliment, although I accept it with a heavy heart. I should point coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #64
Agreed when it comes to S.E.Asia as well. chknltl Nov 2012 #86
Stanley Karnow's one-volume history ("Vietnam") is a good coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #87
should have dropped everything and traveled to Florida to give battle to the brownshirts in streets? EX500rider Oct 2012 #61
You've obviously forgotten the band of brownshirts flown into Florida expressly for the purpose of coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #63
I never saw any brownshirts anywhere but your mileage may vary.. EX500rider Oct 2012 #67
You know, you're right. They weren't wearing brownshirts. They coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #68
Upper Cut and Left Jab.... Keep Going The Knock Out Is Coming HangOnKids Oct 2012 #73
Links for the discredited Lancet study? HangOnKids Oct 2012 #74
Links for the discredited Lancet study? EX500rider Oct 2012 #80
Ah Yes I Have Seen That Drivel Thanks For Playing HangOnKids Oct 2012 #82
Too true - I'm with you. BlueMTexpat Oct 2012 #19
Ed Rendell, head of the DNC I believe, told him to concede at the outset. Nt PCIntern Oct 2012 #24
we're all genisues in hindsight. BACK THEN, nobody, NOBODY really believed things would get this bad pasto76 Oct 2012 #28
I feared it would, since I was one who had to suffer under gw's governorship. caveat_imperator Oct 2012 #31
Yes, but without widespread internet usage like today, we couldn't get the word out. Indpndnt Oct 2012 #38
I agree. caveat_imperator Oct 2012 #75
Yeah. But I still cannot get the blood of those 1,000,000+ Iraqis coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #35
The Onion did, in what is perhaps one of the most prescient and prophetic articles ever written fujiyama Oct 2012 #65
Damn, that's a great "article." Gidney N Cloyd Oct 2012 #66
The coup was in 1963... pocoloco Oct 2012 #33
Maybe you could say the coup was in 1865 (and it also was not bloodless) - n/t coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #34
There would have been no "constitutional crisis" fujiyama Oct 2012 #58
Excuse me, but there most definitely would have been a 'constitutional crisis' had Gore coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #62
Not by any reasonable definition of the term Major Nikon Oct 2012 #76
I see your point, I suppose. I would point out merely that the SCOTUS did not coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #79
Here's the way I see it Major Nikon Oct 2012 #81
I think we pretty much see eye-to-eye, except that I don't think anyone in the working class coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #84
So Gore should have staged a coup d'etat of his own? No. What should have happened NYC Liberal Oct 2012 #69
Should have, could have, would have -- the 3 most popular phrases heard coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #72
Last I looked... greytdemocrat Oct 2012 #3
The OP is a response to the current theme that the reverse is happening now bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #6
I don't see any way that rMoney will win the popular vote madokie Oct 2012 #12
Agree, but with so much air time, it seems something is afoot bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #13
I agree with this madokie Oct 2012 #23
"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness." wakemewhenitsover Oct 2012 #47
The rest of us understand that the election was stolen. peace13 Oct 2012 #4
Never forget the fact that the WHOLE STATE RECOUNT done by a consortium of media over a year's time northoftheborder Oct 2012 #5
So when the SCOTUS ruled you wanted him nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #8
There are a lot of things Gore could have done besides take up arms. fasttense Oct 2012 #18
"No body (sic) protested"???? Um, you haven't seen footage of the inaugural parade in D.C. in coalition_unwilling Oct 2012 #25
People protested nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #44
He didn't need to take up arms. All he had to do was to demand that all votes sabrina 1 Oct 2012 #43
He took it legally all the way nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #45
See posts below. He should have insisted on a state wide recount sabrina 1 Oct 2012 #48
Remember the SCOTUS overruled the State Court. nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #49
Gore never requested a statewide recount. Indydem Oct 2012 #9
Think he was trying to look at the places with the most questions bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #20
He asked for a recount in the most heavily Democrat counties. Indydem Oct 2012 #21
Exactly--Bush didn't win FL's EV... the GOP machine stole the presidency ReallyIAmAnOptimist Oct 2012 #11
Which is why I'm not against voter ID laws. Had we had them in 2000 Gore would have POTUS #43 win_in_06 Oct 2012 #14
Voter ID = voter suppression bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #15
Only if you believe blacks have a tougher time acquiring IDs than whites. win_in_06 Oct 2012 #40
From what we know, yes, yes they do nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #46
Are you saying minorities are less capable of standing in line at the DMV than whites? win_in_06 Oct 2012 #50
Nope, not saying that kid nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #51
Interesting how you result to condescension when your ideas are challenged. win_in_06 Oct 2012 #52
No, no condescension nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #54
You're assuming comparable resources to provide the supporting docs bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #53
You're assuming whites are more willing to deal with the red tape and hassle than minorities. win_in_06 Oct 2012 #55
Actually, never referenced race, just poverty bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #57
I stand corrected then, apologies. n/t win_in_06 Oct 2012 #59
How would voter IDs have fixed the election fraud? Gidney N Cloyd Oct 2012 #16
How so? Orangepeel Oct 2012 #17
Surely it would have resulted in a more accurate and indisputable vote count. win_in_06 Oct 2012 #26
IDs just get you into the booth. The counting problems I'm aware of happened after that point. Gidney N Cloyd Oct 2012 #27
I don't see how. Orangepeel Oct 2012 #39
Don't be naive, the ID is just one tool of many ecstatic Oct 2012 #83
Not naive to respect accountability. The President himself showed ID in order to vote. n/t win_in_06 Oct 2012 #85
Who did Florida's electoral college representatives vote for? cthulu2016 Oct 2012 #22
2000 never should have been that close except for the political malpractice Gore carried out smorkingapple Oct 2012 #30
Blame the victim? One of the 99 Oct 2012 #71
Gore DID win the popular vote and Bush was SELECTED by the Supreme Court argiel1234 Oct 2012 #56
Interesting, dropping the Ralph reference bigbrother05 Oct 2012 #60
Anyone who voted for Nader had a right to do so One of the 99 Oct 2012 #70
Greg Palast - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy upi402 Oct 2012 #77
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