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19. All I can say is that putin and Russia's acts of invading Ukraine, has churned the world up and
Mon Mar 7, 2022, 01:13 PM
Mar 2022

demonstrates just how fragile and expensive Democracies can be.

Also, it's shut the GOP up. It has shock up the GOP and perhaps got their 'all-things Russia' mentality that the GOP has seemed to have since the arrival of tRump on the scene.

Now, it's amazing, the GOP, now that they've seen putin and Russia in action, invading a former part of the Russia federation, can't seem to back away from their former stance on Russia and they've been caught out in the rain, w/ their pants down. Even tRump is running backwards too. He looks awful funny and stupid in doing so, especially since his former remarks on putin being a great leader are engraved in stone.

Maybe, just maybe voters will remember the GOP and their ignorant, un-American support of Russia and putin. I hope so, for now that the bandages have been ripped off and all of us can see for ourselves what putin and his Russia are doing to Ukraine, reality has set in and it isn't pretty for the GOP and tRump.

At this point, the main GOP thrust is violence and immorality Walleye Mar 2022 #1
The GQP... orwell Mar 2022 #2
What do you mean "the same thing"? WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2022 #3
Blow shit up and shoot people fleeing under the guise of battling "liberal fascism" tenderfoot Mar 2022 #6
They don't need to -- they're doing plenty of damage legislatively and judicially. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2022 #17
Anyone who thinks... blue sky at night Mar 2022 #4
I don't think the GOP wants to do the samething to this country as Putin is doing to Ukraine. Biophilic Mar 2022 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author Carlitos Brigante Mar 2022 #7
If these gun humpers/GOP idiost think a civil war is the only way to settle this, Look at Ukraine mitch96 Mar 2022 #8
Without a doubt. Once you have voter suppression, denigration of the others, a fascist state is next TheBlackAdder Mar 2022 #9
I voted no because I have friends and family members who are Republicans that I know do not Yorkie Mom Mar 2022 #10
Republican pols want this though and as the Russians are going to find out fast their support uponit7771 Mar 2022 #13
Which politicians have said they want this? Yorkie Mom Mar 2022 #15
The GQP pols that continue to compliment and parrot Putrids efforts in deed. uponit7771 Mar 2022 #18
Trump wanted to send the army into the cities in 2020 TheRealNorth Mar 2022 #20
I think they wish they could do to America what Putin is doing to Russia EarlG Mar 2022 #11
K&R, ***LOOK AT TEXAS !!!*** uponit7771 Mar 2022 #12
Don't need a poll, gab13by13 Mar 2022 #14
Obviously not drray23 Mar 2022 #16
All I can say is that putin and Russia's acts of invading Ukraine, has churned the world up and SWBTATTReg Mar 2022 #19
So at their little truck rally today mountain grammy Mar 2022 #21
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