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Good . Need more of this riversedge Feb 2022 #1
That's because the PRAISE PUTIN alters are still out for printing or awaiting delivery. 🤣 TheBlackAdder Feb 2022 #43
There was one in my community at a busy intersection EYESORE 9001 Feb 2022 #2
We've Got A Nut 4 Blocks From Our House ProfessorGAC Feb 2022 #32
The Party's Over malaise Feb 2022 #3
Be careful about giving TFG's fans too much credit MissMillie Feb 2022 #4
A few of them died StClone Feb 2022 #16
Unfortunately, that wouldn't surprise me. (n/t) MissMillie Feb 2022 #38
Ivermectin overdose ?? nt eppur_se_muova Feb 2022 #48
We still see flags and some signs on fences. TNNurse Feb 2022 #5
Hi neighbor Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #14
We live in Blount County TNNurse Feb 2022 #20
I'm further north in Greene county Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #25
i know my ancestor did not own slaves, they were poor for many years. TNNurse Feb 2022 #29
As a kid, I asked my grandparents "where's OUR plantation?" They laughed & laughed. oldsoftie Feb 2022 #37
"Trumpaltar." Kid Berwyn Feb 2022 #6
Oh my god, that is SO disturbing PatSeg Feb 2022 #8
Verily. Three were injured in a car accident right there. Kid Berwyn Feb 2022 #12
Crazy people reminds me of the Reptilian Craze of 2015 StClone Feb 2022 #18
"It doesn't get any more American (than this)." PatSeg Feb 2022 #30
Parts of that has been photoshopped Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #28
No, it's real. Kid Berwyn Feb 2022 #31
Oh I believe it is real Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #35
Makes a great target! I know, I know........ oldsoftie Feb 2022 #36
Re: Skeletor Feb 2022 #40
You've got to be kidding me. Iggo Feb 2022 #34
I'm not seeing that trend in North GA brer cat Feb 2022 #7
"Several of the "altars" disappeared last week." BumRushDaShow Feb 2022 #9
Not all gone but... MiHale Feb 2022 #10
This guy is still there. Woodwizard Feb 2022 #11
Here in Florida the altars, banners and other paraphernalia are pretty much gone, though there sop Feb 2022 #13
There are a few in my neighborhood Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #15
This one in Central Park Habitation Feb 2022 #17
We still have 3 Meowmee Feb 2022 #19
Good! DemUnleashed Feb 2022 #21
Well if you miss seeing them, PCIntern Feb 2022 #22
The guy at the end of the block took down his 'Tr**p 2024' sinkingfeeling Feb 2022 #23
Oh, they are still everywhere in lower Alabama. Ferrets are Cool Feb 2022 #24
Unfortunately, still strong here in ND Dr. Shepper Feb 2022 #26
I live in a very blue town, in a very blue state. Tracer Feb 2022 #27
Are you sure it wasn't bad weather that took it? Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #33
It was stolen. Tracer Feb 2022 #39
Oh wow Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #42
Hey, I'm in New Haven! CTyankee Feb 2022 #41
I'm about two hours north of you in WMass. intheflow Feb 2022 #44
I'm in the reddest county in IL AwakeAtLast Feb 2022 #45
It's still ruby red here in OH dwayneb Feb 2022 #46
DU has helped me keep my sanity AwakeAtLast Feb 2022 #47
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