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Sun Feb 20, 2022, 07:48 AM Feb 2022

Enjoy the Show! [View all]

I know we are all anxious to see Trump finally held accountable for his crimes, especially those that have caused so much damage to our country and our countrymen.

But while I'm waiting for true justice to be served, I am watching an arrogant, self-serving man being humiliated on a daily basis - and I am savouring every minute of it.

With every court ruling against him, TFG is being reminded that he is no longer an all-powerful, above-the-law "pResident" - and given his enormous ego, the very thought of being treated as just another citizen, subject to the decisions of judges he no doubt looks down upon, is undoubtedly as infuriating as it is humiliating.

Being told that he must submit to the will of others is bad enough for the ultimate narcissist - but the fact that he's being told in front of the world must be excruciatingly painful.

As a result of recent court decisions, this is just the beginning of the very public humiliation that is yet to come. The self-made billionaire is about to be exposed as nothing more than a flim-flam man. The savvy businessman is about to be revealed as an abysmal failure whose alleged empire was all smoke-and-mirrors - a "success story" built on lying to investors, scamming bankers, and cheating the tax man.

For someone like Trump, being stripped of his self-created title of world-renowned financial genius is far more devastating than anything the US justice system can mete out.

I'm sure he'd rather go to prison as a still-worshipped, still-adored, successful political powerhouse than hold court at Mara-Lago as the weak, spineless loser he will eventually be proven to be.

I believe that justice will prevail and TFG will be held accountable for his crimes against the nation.

But in the meantime, watching him publicly humiliated, over and over, is an increasingly enjoyable pastime.

Sometimes we're so anxious for the game to start, we overlook the pre-game show - which itself can be oh-so-satisfying in its own right.

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Enjoy the Show! [View all] NanceGreggs Feb 2022 OP
Yes, agree. I think it is the silence from DOJ that is unnerving for so many, but increasingly hlthe2b Feb 2022 #1
Great post malaise Feb 2022 #2
This is the part where we get to watch him squirm. 2naSalit Feb 2022 #3
I learn from history, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #4
Respectfully ... NanceGreggs Feb 2022 #8
Amen to this! ShazzieB Feb 2022 #17
+1 MiHale Feb 2022 #9
I totally agree with all of this, but it does appear that Tish is getting somewhere. Scrivener7 Feb 2022 #12
Thank goodness for the state investigations, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #20
Excellent summary. Lonestarblue Feb 2022 #28
Oh, if only Kamala were AG and Merrick VP. Kamala would get it done but her safety would be a worry Samrob Feb 2022 #43
it's Sunday and I'm supposed to be kind ... nebby70 Feb 2022 #5
the illusion of hyper wealth... agingdem Feb 2022 #10
May he receive everything he deserves. niyad Feb 2022 #16
and there's the joy in watching his reptilian spawn agingdem Feb 2022 #6
I doubt he'll be held accountable, I sense a case of bone spurs coming on /nt bucolic_frolic Feb 2022 #7
trump has caused incredibly harm to many people and the nation. The Jungle 1 Feb 2022 #11
To make truth matter again in this country KS Toronado Feb 2022 #19
We have the opposite, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #22
The press is part of the problem. The Jungle 1 Feb 2022 #26
From your mouth to.... Tom Yossarian Joad Feb 2022 #13
Restitution Roy Rolling Feb 2022 #14
Spot on, as always. "The mills of the gods grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine." niyad Feb 2022 #15
I'd be moderately satisfied just to see him do the perp walk... XacerbatedDem Feb 2022 #18
Looking forward to similar situation for Kushner, secondwind Feb 2022 #21
The Saudis also bailed out Trump Tower, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #24
Good post. fightforfreedom Feb 2022 #23
Trump's spiteful nature poses danger PufPuf23 Feb 2022 #25
I still wonder of those of us of a certain age who lived in Northeastern US could have supported him halfulglas Feb 2022 #27
If there is no accountability gab13by13 Feb 2022 #30
The GOP base is a bouquet of 'deplorables'. Hillary was right. Joinfortmill Feb 2022 #35
As long as he's the center of attention, HE will enjoy the show Warpy Feb 2022 #29
Well said, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #32
The GQP fall back position is The Wizard Feb 2022 #31
Not going to convince me of that, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #36
I hope we haven't reached the point in the saga where people start disappearing and Solomon Feb 2022 #33
You mean like Epstein? gab13by13 Feb 2022 #38
And people we never heard of. Solomon Feb 2022 #40
The stress may kill him. Just saying. Joinfortmill Feb 2022 #34
At the very least a nervous breakdown, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #37
I'm sure my former Trumpette friends are going nuts ... aggiesal Feb 2022 #39
You can be sure that they aren't hearing the bad news, or they are hearing distorted versions... Silent3 Feb 2022 #41
Financial collapse is about the only form of accountability for Trump I hold out much hope for Silent3 Feb 2022 #42
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