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Thu Feb 3, 2022, 11:58 AM Feb 2022

The People Who Run This Country Are All Too Damn Old [View all]

The average United States senator is old enough to begin drawing Social Security benefits, and in a branch where Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaking vote, one unexpected illness could completely change the dynamic of American government.

A stark reminder of this fact came Tuesday, when the chief of staff to Sen. Ben Ray Luján, the 49-year-old junior Democratic senator from New Mexico, announced that Luján suffered a stroke last week and underwent surgery to decrease the swelling in his brain.

Luján is “being cared for at [University of New Mexico] hospital, resting comfortably, and expected to make a full recovery,” Carlos Sanchez, the chief of staff, said in a tweet.

On Tuesday, senators from both parties expressed their well-wishes for Luján and his family. “My hope is that we all love each other enough to just slow down, do work that we can get done that won’t be affected by his being gone and get him the hell back here when it’s safe,” said Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota told the New York Times, describing Luján as “just the nicest guy in the world.”

Democrats also expressed optimism about Luján’s recovery, Politico reported Wednesday. “He should be out pretty quickly,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois told the website. “It shouldn’t affect the agenda too much… the key thing is that they recognized the symptoms fairly quickly.”

The age of the government in general skews much older; at 79, President Joe Biden is the oldest president ever, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who announced last month that she’s running for re-election to the House, is 81.

Luján should be fine (speaking as a former cardio/stepdown nurse). The rest, I dunno.

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OMG Ageism maxsolomon Feb 2022 #1
Glad you find it entertaining. LakeArenal Feb 2022 #3
Ageism is a long time DU 3rd rail. maxsolomon Feb 2022 #13
Is it really ageism? kirby Feb 2022 #6
And yet it is a 49-year-old who is out sick AZSkiffyGeek Feb 2022 #7
I know... kirby Feb 2022 #11
Do we know how many have had myocardial infarction... NurseJackie Feb 2022 #93
Or even unexpected accidents at home. George II Feb 2022 #96
It's even worse while traveling... NurseJackie Feb 2022 #97
Uh, no. Act_of_Reparation Feb 2022 #25
talk about undermining your lede! cadoman Feb 2022 #129
Multimiillionare septuagenarians and octogenarians, no less Orrex Feb 2022 #38
Not sure about ageism -- but it does show the perilous nature JT45242 Feb 2022 #2
President Biden & Speaker Pelosi, are so much needed in these perilous times. Period. empedocles Feb 2022 #4
They both have so much experuence in negotiating leftyladyfrommo Feb 2022 #68
Strong, steady, hands in dealing with the crises of the time. empedocles Feb 2022 #69
Yes PatSeg Feb 2022 #123
Ageist claptrap. hlthe2b Feb 2022 #5
A lot of jobs have upper age limits or terms. Mosby Feb 2022 #17
And there are young people who develop early onset Alzheimers and other mental disabilities hlthe2b Feb 2022 #21
It's literally biology Calculating Feb 2022 #28
That is obnoxious stereotyping for which you should be ashamed. hlthe2b Feb 2022 #30
So you see no problem that the people that represent the US population Cuthbert Allgood Feb 2022 #40
Since I never once mentioned race nor gender, that is YOUR projection, not mine and shame on YOU hlthe2b Feb 2022 #41
I said I have a problem with all 3. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 2022 #42
So do you think Sanders should Cha Feb 2022 #78
Yes. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 2022 #79
That's up to the voters, isn't it? onenote Feb 2022 #113
Which is why I said "I have no say over what Vermont does" Cuthbert Allgood Feb 2022 #122
Sorry, but I tend to agree Dirty Socialist Feb 2022 #8
Same Runningdawg Feb 2022 #18
Me as well. And I'm 60 Ishoutandscream2 Feb 2022 #32
So the President is too old too AZSkiffyGeek Feb 2022 #43
I don't know yet Dirty Socialist Feb 2022 #45
What Primary? PJB is POTUS and Cha Feb 2022 #76
Biden probably won't be primaried Dirty Socialist Feb 2022 #91
He's 49. senseandsensibility Feb 2022 #9
Was the writer of the article 12 years old? kcr Feb 2022 #10
LOL!! peggysue2 Feb 2022 #19
I Know, Right? RobinA Feb 2022 #26
Well, it is from a site founded by the leader of the Proud Boys... AZSkiffyGeek Feb 2022 #44
🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Tickle Feb 2022 #64
Madison Cawthorn. GoCubsGo Feb 2022 #12
+100 sinkingfeeling Feb 2022 #14
+1 chowder66 Feb 2022 #35
+ another 1 ElementaryPenguin Feb 2022 #50
In the previous Congress, AoC was the youngest Representative. Bucky Feb 2022 #67
Two data points, actually. GoCubsGo Feb 2022 #70
That's cute, but you didn't follow the logic of the statements Bucky Feb 2022 #88
I'm always happy to see the younger generation take over the roles of elders, this takes time yaesu Feb 2022 #15
BS. What's important is health, not age. Older people who are healthy and have highplainsdem Feb 2022 #16
+1 chowder66 Feb 2022 #36
Exactly Dem! Cha Feb 2022 #77
The senate has always been viewed as being about the "elder statesmen" Blue_Adept Feb 2022 #20
How well does it seem to be working lately? Calculating Feb 2022 #22
The age of senators is not what's causing the problem Blue_Adept Feb 2022 #23
Oh really? Calculating Feb 2022 #27
Its my generation JustAnotherGen Feb 2022 #56
It's actually a major problem on a number of levels Calculating Feb 2022 #24
Matt Gaetz. M. Taylor Green. Younger than Pelosi Evergreen Emerald Feb 2022 #29
Don't for Bobo from Colorado. madinmaryland Feb 2022 #34
You're pitting right wing against left wing rather than young vs old. progressoid Feb 2022 #89
I'd prefer term limits - 3 terms in the Senate and 6 in the House. Klaralven Feb 2022 #31
I tend to agree with you Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #33
I'd prefer term limits in the Supreme Court... let's start there first. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #63
That actually makes more sense TexasBushwhacker Feb 2022 #72
49 is old? nini Feb 2022 #37
The writer addressed this wellst0nev0ter Feb 2022 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author nini Feb 2022 #55
No, it was no "inexplicable". 🙄 NurseJackie Feb 2022 #60
Can you specify which part was "ridiculous" wellst0nev0ter Feb 2022 #82
Think about it for a minute... it'll come to you. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #83
Okay, so you can't elaborate wellst0nev0ter Feb 2022 #84
No elaboration needed. You made only one assertion. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #85
Not adding anything is certainly a choice wellst0nev0ter Feb 2022 #86
Being astute and knowing when nothing needs to be "added" is a virtue. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #92
That only makes sense if people are mindreaders wellst0nev0ter Feb 2022 #98
Too many old politicians, but it was the young guy who had a stroke Jose Garcia Feb 2022 #39
It's the young ones who can get hit by a bus, too hamsterjill Feb 2022 #46
A medical condition of a 49-year old is a "stark reminder"? brooklynite Feb 2022 #47
Overall, old people are smarter and better citizens than young. We should be. Hortensis Feb 2022 #48
Yes, supporters of populists are pessimistic about the economy, their opportunities for the future, betsuni Feb 2022 #53
Perfect summary and analysis. Thank you. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #59
It absolutely is - for both parties. Grins Feb 2022 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author DesertGarden Feb 2022 #51
Does anyone think a member of the Squad could effecively replace Speaker Pelosi? nt ripcord Feb 2022 #54
No. NurseJackie Feb 2022 #58
Like, totally, literally no way. betsuni Feb 2022 #62
No.. Experience and Qualifiations Cha Feb 2022 #73
Jayapal might, and may still. maxsolomon Feb 2022 #75
Yes I do and one eventualy will. eom Autumn Feb 2022 #81
Sure. progressoid Feb 2022 #90
At least the older Democrats Mr.Bill Feb 2022 #57
Another ageist post Meowmee Feb 2022 #61
Decisions of that nature are usually left to juries. TexasTowelie Feb 2022 #65
Yes I am aware of that Meowmee Feb 2022 #94
Ageist I can see... robbob Feb 2022 #135
I will try to find it Meowmee Feb 2022 #136
Thanks for trying, robbob Feb 2022 #137
In 1981, the average Representative was 49 and the average Senator was 53. Bucky Feb 2022 #66
Yes, to you last sentence. There is something to be said for experience JohnSJ Feb 2022 #71
There's also something to be said for rotation in office Bucky Feb 2022 #87
Know what fresh blood does? Jack shit.Just ideas. No agency. Term limits is better called ELECTIONS. ancianita Feb 2022 #111
I know it's fun pretending that gerrymandering isn't locking down Congress Bucky Feb 2022 #116
You show that you've no idea how many gerrymandering legislatures have lost in court. ancianita Feb 2022 #117
We're on the EDGE of FASCISM & Cha Feb 2022 #74
It's a very superficial and shallow thing to be concerned about. The BEST politicians... NurseJackie Feb 2022 #101
Well said PatSeg Feb 2022 #125
AMEN, SISTA. ancianita Feb 2022 #112
Lujan is 49 so that's not too old. But yeah I 100% agree. We also need a mandatory retirement age Autumn Feb 2022 #80
Some of our chronologically older Representatives or Senators can run.... George II Feb 2022 #95
And then there's Grassley.... Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #99
Brave post. I agree with you. PufPuf23 Feb 2022 #100
That's why we have elections. Not happy, vote Emile Feb 2022 #102
I haven't missed ONE Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #103
Never have yet! I always vote in the primaries too, that's Emile Feb 2022 #104
Preaching to the choir, then. n/t Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #106
Good, we're on the same page. Emile Feb 2022 #107
They were elected treestar Feb 2022 #105
What percentage of the voters Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #108
You have to vote. People who don't vote give up having any say. treestar Feb 2022 #120
To me it's less age TheFarseer Feb 2022 #109
So why not give us a list of who they are, along with a list of their equally competent replacements ancianita Feb 2022 #110
Based on one of your posts, you're almost 80 onenote Feb 2022 #114
Of course not. Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #126
You're someone helping to decide who is the right person to hold office. onenote Feb 2022 #127
First of all Jilly_in_VA Feb 2022 #131
This article was like pissing on bingo Sympthsical Feb 2022 #115
I'm 71 and am morally certain that I possess more mental acuity than ... 11 Bravo Feb 2022 #118
But you wouldn't support a limit on someone's right to vote onenote Feb 2022 #128
As to your question, absolutely not. 11 Bravo Feb 2022 #130
Exactly my feelings as well. onenote Feb 2022 #132
We're on the same page. 11 Bravo Feb 2022 #134
For me, a major eye opener is comparing the DOBs of our House Leadership of the 1990s to today: Midwestern Democrat Feb 2022 #119
Excellent reply. Celerity Feb 2022 #142
So, you're willing to promote age discrimination? lees1975 Feb 2022 #121
You are definitely not alone. The Grand Illuminist Feb 2022 #124
Okay. What's the age limit? I want to know what people favor. nolabear Feb 2022 #133
Father and Son kentuck Feb 2022 #138
The problem: too many damn Republicans who don't want to help run the country, betsuni Feb 2022 #139
Some people need to watch "Wild in the Streets" from 1968 DFW Feb 2022 #140
There are some younger ones like Sinema who have a lot of power right now JI7 Feb 2022 #141
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