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Post removed [View all] Post removed Jan 2022 OP
Lol.nt uppityperson Jan 2022 #1
I mandate that you vote! lol Yandex Jan 2022 #2
You didn't vote uppityperson Jan 2022 #13
Is that how they do it where you come from? Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #20
I'll see your LOL canetoad Jan 2022 #12
Not Enough Room for Tar and Feather? Stallion Jan 2022 #3
Oh boy... likesmountains 52 Jan 2022 #4
FEMA camps. roamer65 Jan 2022 #5
Not all authoritarians are right-wingers, it seems. Ocelot II Jan 2022 #6
At this point I'm willing to pay the idiots (not including medically exempt) MLAA Jan 2022 #7
Per Howard Stern deny them medical care and if the refuse the shot, let nature take its course kimbutgar Jan 2022 #8
But health care is a human right n/t Yandex Jan 2022 #11
Yes but if you don't take care of yourself you should lose that right kimbutgar Jan 2022 #24
My friend refused to take care of himself, and died as a result. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #25
I'm sorry for your friends passing but he was warned and he faced the consequences kimbutgar Jan 2022 #27
He was and did. Should he have been denied medical care? Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #29
Very different scenarios. tinrobot Jan 2022 #28
He was that heavy 30 years ago. He ignored his doctors even then. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #30
His choices didn't endanger anybody else. davsand Jan 2022 #31
Valid point, although I was replying to a blanket statement that those who don't take care of Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #32
+1 kimbutgar Jan 2022 #33
+1 kimbutgar Jan 2022 #34
Yes it is -- and vaccines part of that health care process. tinrobot Jan 2022 #26
Shunning jmowreader Jan 2022 #9
When can we be rid of him? Piasladic Jan 2022 #10
Thank you Ferrets are Cool Jan 2022 #15
Right now! uppityperson Jan 2022 #16
Aww, can't we play with it for awhile? Swede Jan 2022 #17
Sometimes trolls are amusing. But this one is terrible at his job. Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #18
Exiled to the island closest to the Sentinelese, needs added as choice please? Brainfodder Jan 2022 #14
Gitmo with Bat out of Hell countingbluecars Jan 2022 #19
Yipppeeeeee!!!!! It has been sent back to whence it came!!!! Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #21
He disrupted poorly. 🍕 Crunchy Frog Jan 2022 #22
Here's the thing... Spider Jerusalem Jan 2022 #23
No option for nothing? Polybius Jan 2022 #35
Check his profile. Crunchy Frog Jan 2022 #38
continue to encourage them to get vaxxed. Demovictory9 Jan 2022 #36
SEND THEM ALL TO THE MOON !! I am serious. Build nice hotel thingys and send all the yuckies Trueblue1968 Jan 2022 #37
This is not a good look for DU. GoneOffShore Jan 2022 #39
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