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There's a biblical passage that springs into my mind sometimes: there's nothing new under the sun captain queeg Jan 2022 #1
It's from Ecclesiastes 1:9 which is wnylib Jan 2022 #9
Yeah I get some of those auto corrects like that captain queeg Jan 2022 #11
Well, that's because Sagan IS Satan! krispos42 Jan 2022 #19
Oh dear. I fear that my phone is wnylib Jan 2022 #21
Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite OT books because it pounds on the illusions that PatrickforB Jan 2022 #26
Most people regard Ecclesiastes as wnylib Jan 2022 #28
Wow, is THAT a blast from the past! I read Dragons of Eden in the way-back-when - PatrickforB Jan 2022 #30
I read it back in the mid 1980s wnylib Jan 2022 #31
Yes, I belong to a Noetic Sciences discussion group that meets one Saturday a month. PatrickforB Jan 2022 #32
Ecclesiastes 1:9 Lonestarblue Jan 2022 #10
Wish that I could give this more than 1 ChazII Jan 2022 #2
The dumbing down of America: Auggie Jan 2022 #3
Sadly, Delphinus Jan 2022 #4
When Democracy gets in the way of Income Streams... Bourgeois Liberal Jan 2022 #24
Must agree Rebl2 Jan 2022 #33
Full quote at end of show (excellent): erronis Jan 2022 #5
Thanks for the quote. Wow - he was right on! TheRickles Jan 2022 #8
An accurate description of social decay. wnylib Jan 2022 #13
And Republicans are not finished dumbing down America. Lonestarblue Jan 2022 #14
Think about that last sentence though. plimsoll Jan 2022 #16
Sagan was prescient, an intellectual equal to Michelangelo, but why less celebrated is itself Alexander Of Assyria Jan 2022 #18
Thanks, was getting ready to search for "Carl Sagan quotes" KS Toronado Jan 2022 #15
Tnx, I was just gonna turn on "Notes" and use the voice recognition to type out the quote mitch96 Jan 2022 #27
Yikes. The guy nailed it long ago captain queeg Jan 2022 #29
K&R UCmeNdc Jan 2022 #6
KNR niyad Jan 2022 #7
Kick dalton99a Jan 2022 #12
Wow, he saw it coming. Farmer-Rick Jan 2022 #17
K & R...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2022 #20
A "celebration of ignorance". That's it. We stopped ... Whiskeytide Jan 2022 #22
Superstition, tradition, and all sorts of fixed ideas... ananda Jan 2022 #23
An amazing man.. mountain grammy Jan 2022 #25
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