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40. From his letter...
Wed Oct 24, 2012, 11:11 AM
Oct 2012

"You assumed that people would understand and accept that being linked to someone like me is an insult"

This is why using the word even to refer back to her is a problem. Most people outside of the disability community are not aware of this. Nor are they aware of the fact that it is a word that has been used in bullying incidents for a very long time. Just some info that explains further why this man wrote this letter.

K & R !!! WillyT Oct 2012 #1
Wow..... imanamerican63 Oct 2012 #2
Excellent! progressoid Oct 2012 #3
That was the best takedown of Ann Coulter that I have seen yet Bjorn Against Oct 2012 #4
He knows who he is and wears it proudly. Her, not so much. nolabear Oct 2012 #7
SIGN the petition for ANN COULTER to APOLOGIZE for her remark. Tigress DEM Oct 2012 #30
So is Caribou Barbie's name the first one on that petition? What? It isn't? tblue37 Oct 2012 #54
I worked with a client who had Downs Syndrome. Left Coast2020 Oct 2012 #71
Very eloquent. Le Taz Hot Oct 2012 #5
I think it has become very clear who the retarded (her word - not mine) one is here. Marie Marie Oct 2012 #6
From his letter... loyalsister Oct 2012 #40
Coulter has issues Canuckistanian Oct 2012 #8
Multiple issues like narcissism; greed; absence of conscience empathy, or sympathy... We People Oct 2012 #50
I would like to add "Socio/Psychopath". DollarBillHines Oct 2012 #69
KNR Lucinda Oct 2012 #9
We can all learn something from this highly intelligent man who has difficulty RomneyLies Oct 2012 #10
2Pac wrote this song for Coulter before anybody knew her name.. snooper2 Oct 2012 #11
I believe it should be the responsibility of every media outlet that ran her hate tweet libdem4life Oct 2012 #12
Major agreement! mimi85 Oct 2012 #26
That was maybe the best femrap Oct 2012 #13
Incredible. ProudProgressiveNow Oct 2012 #14
She has no conscience vankuria Oct 2012 #37
Agree completely. rivegauche Oct 2012 #53
Please post this to your FB Page and other places if you can. He deserves our support. nolabear Oct 2012 #15
Yep! Shared on Facebook! Could be the most elegant smackdown of that skinny shrew EVER. calimary Oct 2012 #17
what an eloquent and heartfelt..... dhill926 Oct 2012 #16
His wisdom will be outshine anything she ever said MrMickeysMom Oct 2012 #18
that is a high high road for a very low person grantcart Oct 2012 #19
that was beautiful. Good for him. liberal_at_heart Oct 2012 #20
She's contantly using jr. high insults cherish44 Oct 2012 #21
Thanks Nola for sharing. This is inspiration for all of us. n/t politicaljack78 Oct 2012 #22
John Franklin Stephens sheshe2 Oct 2012 #23
Something is wrong... awoke_in_2003 Oct 2012 #24
Do you every notice that republicans are so proud of liberal_at_heart Oct 2012 #25
Very well said! mrsadm Oct 2012 #27
Paging Sarah Palin! Fantastic Anarchist Oct 2012 #39
Thanks, will be sharing this tonight. The legacy of the Kennedy family lives on in Special Olympics. freshwest Oct 2012 #28
Wow. Matariki Oct 2012 #29
What a stark contrast between the woman born with it all and a young man born PA Democrat Oct 2012 #31
Hell, we have trouble getting DUers to not use the R-word. Odin2005 Oct 2012 #32
This fact is often dismissed.... loyalsister Oct 2012 #43
k&r... she won't learn a damned thing, but i so applaud this man. spanone Oct 2012 #33
K&R - Powerful. myrna minx Oct 2012 #34
A classy response to a disgusting remark Mad_Dem_X Oct 2012 #35
It's too bad Coulter has no conscience deutsey Oct 2012 #36
Post removed Post removed Oct 2012 #38
Odds are, Coulter will just double-down on her bullshit DinahMoeHum Oct 2012 #41
Of course he did loyalsister Oct 2012 #46
That was my first thought Plucketeer Oct 2012 #57
Awesome response! backscatter712 Oct 2012 #42
I think that makes it all the more powerful loyalsister Oct 2012 #47
I'm so proud of you guys for keeping this going. Sometimes the Good Guys get what they deserve. nolabear Oct 2012 #44
Nice Post Keafirehouse88 Oct 2012 #45
As a parent of a developmentally challenged teenager, tavalon Oct 2012 #48
Beautiful letter from a beautiful person!! (But Coulter isn't on a learning curve!) hue Oct 2012 #49
What an amazing letter!!! Beacool Oct 2012 #51
If you have plenty of dead bats for Ann to feed on... Evasporque Oct 2012 #52
I need windshield wipers on my eyes! RedCloud Oct 2012 #55
wow, that makes me a little misty. montanto Oct 2012 #56
this should be tweeted back to her! NoMoreWarNow Oct 2012 #58
Good for him, but Risen Demon Oct 2012 #59
That response shows that an intelligent, thoughtful response wins over the sabrina 1 Oct 2012 #60
No No No to Ann elbloggoZY27 Oct 2012 #61
A little off subject... CaliGal Oct 2012 #62
Indeed. You have to just shake your head. And welcome to DU! nolabear Oct 2012 #66
Thanks nolabear, it's nice to find fellow Dems without the TPer trolls! :) n/t CaliGal Oct 2012 #68
I heard rumor they honored her at university of Michigan ..... Pauldg47 Oct 2012 #63
Did you read the comments? Republicans are disgusting. AleksS Oct 2012 #64
I have to disagree with the gentleman's sulphurdunn Oct 2012 #65
Fairly Shocked Shuhered Oct 2012 #67
Wow, great letter... GetTheRightVote Oct 2012 #70
Great response BigPaul25 Oct 2012 #72
Post removed Post removed Oct 2012 #73
He is wrong on one point deadbrokediva Oct 2012 #74
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