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Sun Dec 5, 2021, 10:57 AM Dec 2021

Are you considering leaving the US permanently [View all]

Due to gun violence, diminution of abortion rights, health care costs, being ruled by a minority of right wingers or big donor interests, etc.?

If so, where would you like to go?

22 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
0 (0%)
New Zealand
3 (14%)
4 (18%)
Costa Rica
1 (5%)
Another country in Central or So. America
7 (32%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
1 (5%)
1 (5%)
Other country (please specify)
5 (23%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I'll be going 6 feet under soon enough. Midnight Writer Dec 2021 #1
me too. or cremated to be specific msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #5
Cremated and ashes scattered upon the waters sanatanadharma Dec 2021 #13
for me, scattered at Goat Rock or SF Bay, haven't decided yet. msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #20
Same here... ashes in the oceans.. If anybody wants to visit, they can just go to the ocean. mitch96 Dec 2021 #28
Aren't there restrictions as to where cremation ashes can be spread? dumbcat Dec 2021 #61
I voted but it's meaningless. Retirement age. Boomerproud Dec 2021 #2
Hey, a lot of folks retire outside the US. spooky3 Dec 2021 #4
i'm not planning on leaving, but if i did, i'd move to ireland. mopinko Dec 2021 #3
If I go anywhere, I'd go to Ireland, as well. That's where my Dad came from, Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #62
I moved to an Indian Reservation GusBob Dec 2021 #6
I would if I were younger. Ireland, Scotland, Norway PortTack Dec 2021 #7
I would if I were younger. CrispyQ Dec 2021 #11
Considering Japan. HUAJIAO Dec 2021 #8
Ireland madville Dec 2021 #9
When Trump won, I researched Spain's offer of citizenship to Jews Beakybird Dec 2021 #10
We're going to Puerto Rico MurrayDelph Dec 2021 #25
ĦQu guay! ĦBuena suerte! Beakybird Dec 2021 #27
My husband is a descendant of a supposed 16th Century Conservo LeftInTX Dec 2021 #51
It surely qualifies him to be a conquerer! Beakybird Dec 2021 #52
LOL..It's embarassing, but most of Mexico has both Conquistador blood and Indigenous LeftInTX Dec 2021 #55
I was invited to Egypt, so this is it. Tetrachloride Dec 2021 #12
I started looking up the price of residency/citizenship. Its doable with my retirement fund. SYFROYH Dec 2021 #14
I'm curious. We won the presidency and the House, essentially the Senate. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #15
:) Not me. I can already see benefits to me and my family Hortensis Dec 2021 #47
Do you find it odd, as I do, that so many here act as though tfg is still in office. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #48
Surprised at 75 to be living outside the USA; nothing in 7 decades suggested life today sanatanadharma Dec 2021 #16
Mr Dixie & I have been talking about Costa Rica or Panama... dixiechiken1 Dec 2021 #17
The question for me (as I live in Sweden and also have UK citizenship and grew up in London) is if Celerity Dec 2021 #18
Ireland sinkingfeeling Dec 2021 #19
Denmark. nt SoCalDavidS Dec 2021 #21
I'm going to bribe my kids to though. Xoan Dec 2021 #22
I would like to leave because I hate American gun-yahoo MAGA culture. Wingus Dingus Dec 2021 #23
Same even in my California county. Initech Dec 2021 #31
If we could, we would Bettie Dec 2021 #24
You might be surprised zipplewrath Dec 2021 #37
I will look at that Bettie Dec 2021 #38
If possible, I'd go to Ireland, area51 Dec 2021 #26
Left in 2012 and haven't regretted a day Fiendish Thingy Dec 2021 #29
How did you manage the move? iemanja Dec 2021 #42
Used a good immigration lawyer here in BC Fiendish Thingy Dec 2021 #43
Interesting. Thanks. iemanja Dec 2021 #44
Until Covid, my wife and I were seriously considering moving back to the Netherlands Mr. Ected Dec 2021 #30
Nope, couldn't stand leaving friends and family Amishman Dec 2021 #32
That's exactly the way I feel. 👍 nt Raine Dec 2021 #60
I was thinking if people start a large scale civil war, I'm out of here before the shooting starts mitch96 Dec 2021 #33
I like it here. KentuckyWoman Dec 2021 #34
I would really like to move to a less red area Bettie Dec 2021 #39
We've thought of several Jilly_in_VA Dec 2021 #35
Very interesting response. Thanks! Nt spooky3 Dec 2021 #69
i would love to move to Canada........ Takket Dec 2021 #36
You assume those countries would even have us iemanja Dec 2021 #40
Spain for my wife and I: LiveToLurk Dec 2021 #41
Portugal or Wales, even if things were sane. Efilroft Sul Dec 2021 #45
Of course not... brooklynite Dec 2021 #46
Have to answer no, because I don't know if it's permanent, but I live in Germany now DFW Dec 2021 #49
Same for staying here. Luxuriously secure American life even Hortensis Dec 2021 #50
My wife and I would have probably moved to Ireland Mr.Bill Dec 2021 #53
Umm! I was a rabid gardener for decades, and Ireland, anywhere Hortensis Dec 2021 #56
Yes but the biggest issue is healthcare.. honest.abe Dec 2021 #54
if 500k democrats moves to select red/purplish states we could save democracy. uncle ray Dec 2021 #57
Italia maveric Dec 2021 #58
Absolutely not. nt Raine Dec 2021 #59
If we were to leave it would be Germany MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #63
I picked Canada but Elessar Zappa Dec 2021 #64
It's not much of a problem here ironflange Dec 2021 #65
Be Careful: Democracy isn't just under siege in the US malaise Dec 2021 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Dec 2021 #67
wife is a Brit so we have options Red Mountain Dec 2021 #68
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