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Bernardo de La Paz

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7. They have been raised by parents with no empathy to kill any empathy within
Mon Nov 22, 2021, 11:50 AM
Nov 2021

"Oh, mommy, look at how cold that poor kid is without a jacket."

"Shush honey, his parents must be bad to be so poor."

"Daddy, see that man helping the guy who fell. Let's help too."

"Don't you dare! People have to learn to take care of themselves!"

Just like there are no bad dog breeds, only bad owners.

It is interesting how a lack of empathy correlates with red states, imperfectly of course but there is definitely some correlation. Alberta is the most CONservative province in Canada.

To get more sense of the correlation, note states where reporting is mandatory but do not offer immunity. Few vets are going to "notice" abuse when they can suffer if they report it. In those states the "mandatory" aspect is just for show, not for effect.

Me Too. Mr. Steve Nov 2021 #1
I am way past that point and have been for awhile. TNNurse Nov 2021 #2
Yes, that is how so many of us are feeling today PatSeg Nov 2021 #3
It's called "empathy". Fix The Stupid Nov 2021 #4
They have been raised by parents with no empathy to kill any empathy within Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2021 #7
It is called conventional morality, when you know right from wrong and will do right 2Gingersnaps Nov 2021 #14
++ llashram Nov 2021 #5
We are a fascist, racist nation. In Wisconsin Republicans can legally kill. Feel bad. Yep. johnthewoodworker Nov 2021 #6
Wrong. Things ALWAYS change and in the long run progressives WIN. Tommymac Nov 2021 #8
Yes, things are bad sometimes..but things are good too..here are some examples of good: Stuart G Nov 2021 #9
pets and other furry friends housecat Nov 2021 #10
Warning: DFW Nov 2021 #17
Great post. I am with YOU! We are going to (eventually) Rock the Free World. Tommymac Nov 2021 #18
I would be a little more optimistic if we weren't facing down climate change. CrispyQ Nov 2021 #12
Completely understand. I feel the same re Climate Change, have to fight to maintain my karma Tommymac Nov 2021 #19
About Climate Change..Biden will take this one on, maybe next year. Lots going on now.. Stuart G Nov 2021 #20
I'm Tired Boss ItsjustMe Nov 2021 #11
Amen to that Joinfortmill Nov 2021 #13
This is the classic hero's complaint nuxvomica Nov 2021 #15
Dayum ...that's the Quote of the Year. calimary Nov 2021 #16
Powerful quote SCantiGOP Nov 2021 #21
Tired Claypoolsbass Nov 2021 #22
I feel that way a lot I_UndergroundPanther Nov 2021 #23
We're all tired. But rest is not an option. I will not let these traitors take our country. Evolve Dammit Nov 2021 #24
Exactly! The future depends on fighting these fascists! nt TheAnnoyedAgnostic Nov 2021 #25
welcome! Evolve Dammit Nov 2021 #26
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