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Wed Nov 3, 2021, 09:53 AM Nov 2021

How I successfully shut down the CRT issue in my town election [View all]

Our town in western Massachusetts has about 29 thousand people and the town open forum on FB is active. Most of the people running for office posted their request for voter support on the town forum.

You should also know that this town is not blue but slightly red and it went for Trump in the 2020 election by about 1%.

One of the local Trumpers decided to post on the town forum what the stances were of candidates for school committee and town council with respect to CRT.

There were a mix of responses from town folk, much of what you would expect. Then one of the candidates for school committee spoke up and it was clear he was also a Trumper. I know the person who posed the original question and I suspect he posted it for this candidate, but that is speculation.

This candidate was also a history teacher.

My response was this: if you’re a teacher, you know very well that CRT is not taught in our schools and you could have said that. Instead you chose to divide the people of this town using a racially charged issue. With all of the problems we face I’m sure the people of our town are more interested in knowing what you plan to do about those issues versus a manufactured crisis from a political party that has nothing to offer but division and lies.

One townsperson responded that we don’t teach CRT now but we want to make sure it doesn’t end up getting taught.

My response to her was that it would never happen since it is a high level college study and has prerequisites that are not taught in high school.

I also noted that it was better to teach as many concepts as possible, even ones that may be hard to accept since knowledge brings us power. I shared the link of General Milley responding to Gaetz about CRT in the military.

The candidate had the gall to respond saying most people in town aren’t like me and that they would support candidates who disavowed CRT.

My final response was that our town is full of caring and respectful people who want the best for their kids. Using an agenda item from a national party to divide the people of the town would not go over well here.

And I was right. This candidate and two other Trumpers received the fewest votes of any candidates running for office in yesterday’s election.

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You are a hero. chia Nov 2021 #1
Super well done! You had a hand in the success! MLAA Nov 2021 #2
Thank you for countering their CRT BS and show that it's doable. Claustrum Nov 2021 #3
Tell the DNC of your strategy accusing them of division and lies with national propaganda bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #4
+1000 soldierant Nov 2021 #35
Thank you. blm Nov 2021 #5
Some dumbass Trumpanzee attempted to play "Gotcha" with one of our local bullwinkle428 Nov 2021 #6
BRAVO! RobertDevereaux Nov 2021 #7
Well done you! ananda Nov 2021 #8
THIS. A model public argument for local elections. Let's use this. ancianita Nov 2021 #9
Well done! Zambero Nov 2021 #10
Well done indeed. niyad Nov 2021 #11
Thank you! We ALL need to be doing things like this! Saving America is OUR responsibility too. CaptainTruth Nov 2021 #12
Good job on shutting down the attack, but I have mixed feelings. SYFROYH Nov 2021 #13
Yes it should be taught in the high schools FakeNoose Nov 2021 #15
Great job. multigraincracker Nov 2021 #14
Good for you? vlyons Nov 2021 #16
Excellently done. Hekate Nov 2021 #17
Our local CRT candidate also received the least amount of votes. progressoid Nov 2021 #18
I applaud you Catherine Vincent Nov 2021 #19
Thank you gademocrat7 Nov 2021 #20
Good on YOU, berni_mccoy! And SHAME on that history "teacher." calimary Nov 2021 #21
Please inform the DNCC of your tactic. Communication on this issue seems lacking Raven123 Nov 2021 #22
Good for you! Ohioboy Nov 2021 #23
Well done! liberalla Nov 2021 #24
Great response. And yes, General Milley' response to Gaetz about CRT in the military was great too! SunSeeker Nov 2021 #25
Squashed him like a bug. Apology to bugs. mahina Nov 2021 #30
Most people who are against CRT don't even know what it is. Initech Nov 2021 #26
Carry a copy of Jelani Cobb's New Yorker story Deminpenn Nov 2021 #27
Excellent post grantcart Nov 2021 #28
That is how! mahina Nov 2021 #29
I am printing this and saving it, Berni. murielm99 Nov 2021 #31
"most people in town aren't like me" that is like saying "most people are stupid" Escurumbele Nov 2021 #32
Thoughtful and VERY well spoken... dixiechiken1 Nov 2021 #33
Seriously fabulous malaise Nov 2021 #34
They are probably against the teaching of homological algebra as well. Marcuse Nov 2021 #36
You did great. Run for office. zentrum Nov 2021 #37
THANK YOU for your service! LymphocyteLover Nov 2021 #38
Excellent! Iris Nov 2021 #39
Central MAss here. sazemisery Nov 2021 #40
I'm taking notes Roy Rolling Nov 2021 #41
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