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Eliot Rosewater

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21. Non-redneck?
Sat Oct 30, 2021, 08:49 PM
Oct 2021

Look, I get it, I get why folks consider NASCAR a rightwing, red-neck operation (is red-neck politically appropriate? I am asking not making judgment, can someone chime in please, I dont like using it anymore.)

But as of last year, things have changed. Zero hesitation to outlaw and denounce confederate flags, for instance.

Some drivers coming out publicly for BLM and Colin, and they took shit for it too. So yes still lots of racist assholes in NASCAR stands. But like I said earlier, Dale Jr and Jeff Gordon are liberalish and other drivers are too.

I know Gordon is retired but he is important. Jimmy Johnson also is liberalish.

As to driving in circles, just ask 2021 Indy Car champion Alex Palou, when interviewed recently by Dale Jr. he described his initial attitude about ovals and then his learning curve and respect for same.

As someone who wrenched on a stock car and drove it even once, and who has talked to racers I can assure you the physical fitness, athletic ability and skill needed to drive 200 mph 2 inches away from another car going 200 mph, side drafting (look it up) and keeping the car straight (mostly at Talladega and Daytona) and not crashing and doing this for THREE SOLID HOURS or more, at those speeds with other cars INCHES away from you, well my friend there few things (F1 is one) more stressful or needing of skill than that.

I am also a F1 fan, big Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Max Verstappen fan and others. The skill level needed to drive those cars is off the chart, for sure. Which is why they get the really big bucks.

Car racing is bad for the environment, I wish they could go electric NOW!

Oh, one of my FAVORITE stories is an example of how good some NASCAR Cup drivers are, former NASCAR Cup Champion Kurt Busch (his brother is Kyle, a little better known) a few years ago raced the Indy 500, in an Indy Car (not talking about the Cup version which is a 400 mile race) and my memory is he had never driven an Indy Car before and so on that day he finished racing his Cup race in Charlotte I think, flew to Indy and raced and finished on the lead lap in 6th place. HOLY SHIT!

In fact he may race Indy again. He and his brother both have serious racing genes.

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They have to want a diverse audience first uponit7771 Oct 2021 #1
They can ban confederate flags at NASCAR races, but you will still likely sit next to rubes. Hoyt Oct 2021 #2
They lost me when some Bush voters were called "Nascar dads". I couldn't have anyone thinking brewens Oct 2021 #3
I was trying to imagine a NASCAR race with all electric cars, might be cool Walleye Oct 2021 #4
How would the crew chiefs cheat then? Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #7
Why would the type of powerplant matter? MichMan Oct 2021 #13
true Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #20
or maybe souped up Priuses DBoon Oct 2021 #11
Jeff Gordon became a liberal when he married his 2nd wife. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #5
:) Nice. Nascar's changing because the old ways lost the "culture wars." Hortensis Oct 2021 #26
If NASCAR suddenly became the most open and inclusive Aristus Oct 2021 #6
If it were that simple, a whole lot more folks would do it. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #8
I have shot a basketball before MichMan Oct 2021 #15
Are they going to denounce that "let's go Brandon" slogan?? 🤬 🤬 🤬 a kennedy Oct 2021 #9
Don't know. Misbehavior by part of the audience. Read that audio's Hortensis Oct 2021 #27
I'd sooner watch... 3catwoman3 Oct 2021 #10
:) Me too, but my husband still watches some and chats with friends Hortensis Oct 2021 #28
Formula 1's popularity is starting to eat into Nascar's ratings. FSogol Oct 2021 #12
No it isn't Darwins_Retriever Oct 2021 #14
WAPO reported the other day that F1 ratings were up 51% over last year. FSogol Oct 2021 #23
F1 and NASCAR competed head to head last weekend at the exact same time MichMan Oct 2021 #16
I watch Formula 1 racing, as I have no interest in that roundy-rounder stuff. Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #17
Wasn't it the F1 race at Belgium when they drove a few laps behind a pace car under caution in rain? MichMan Oct 2021 #18
At least it wasn't an incredibly boring circle track, and they actually drove in the rain. Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #19
Shortened? It was only 3 laps behind the safety car at 35 mph or so. MichMan Oct 2021 #22
Non-redneck? Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #21
Obviously my use of the term 'redneck' has touched a nerve with you. So, ... Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #24
You are the one with the touched nerve, I merely pointed out that not all NASCAR fans are rednecks. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #25
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