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If only this country had enough intelligent people that realized this truth. Instead, bullwinkle428 Oct 2021 #1
Wish I could rec for malaise Oct 2021 #2
I have to give credit to John Fugelsang, who is my primary source for bullwinkle428 Oct 2021 #13
Love it malaise Oct 2021 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Oct 2021 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Oct 2021 #3
I think we can end the thread MontanaMama Oct 2021 #34
You know that and I know that... Act_of_Reparation Oct 2021 #4
thanks sheilahi Oct 2021 #5
That was my first thought. Ka-Dinh Oy Oct 2021 #35
What? Capitalism doesn't optimize for reliability. plimsoll Oct 2021 #6
+1,000,000. Add the "d" :) Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2021 #7
Ha malaise Oct 2021 #8
Great minds think alike and so do we :) Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2021 #26
Ha malaise Oct 2021 #9
Great minds think alike and so do we :) Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2021 #25
Facts don't matter when your head is in the gQp party Hulk Oct 2021 #10
It's pretty simple really Johnny2X2X Oct 2021 #11
Is this some kind of talking point or something? Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #31
Yes ReTHUGs are trying to blame Biden for supply problems malaise Oct 2021 #37
Ahhhh Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #39
Transparently clear....new word to my 74 year old vocabulary Hulk Oct 2021 #12
I stole it from one of our union leaders years ago malaise Oct 2021 #21
Those that worship the Holy Free Market multigraincracker Oct 2021 #14
True, but they can impact the economy berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #15
I agree re the management of the pandemic malaise Oct 2021 #24
40 plus years in the making NHvet Oct 2021 #16
What they do is credit themselves for anything that works malaise Oct 2021 #23
Yup, "free" trade removed the remains of regulations from the supply lines Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #19
Well said malaise Oct 2021 #22
Correct you are..... NHvet Oct 2021 #27
Brought on by the pandemic, which wouldn't be nearly as bad Martin Eden Oct 2021 #20
That's the truth malaise Oct 2021 #29
Bingo! geardaddy Oct 2021 #28
Don't Moscow Mitch and his wife, former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chau .. IggleDuer Oct 2021 #30
The empty shipping containers need to be loaded onto ships and taken back to China FakeNoose Oct 2021 #32
By predicting it, it becomes inevitable. rickyhall Oct 2021 #33
too many truck, rail, and warehouse workers are too Trumpified to wear their masks paulkienitz Oct 2021 #36
Unfortunately, we can't expect the average person to make this association. Moebym Oct 2021 #38
I do think the previous administration scared a lot of Boomers into early retirement nt Shermann Oct 2021 #40
That's not been talked about enough, as far as I'm concerned. llmart Oct 2021 #42
It's been predicted for a long time Shermann Oct 2021 #47
Clearly clear. EarnestPutz Oct 2021 #41
Malaise, we might note the public sector's key part of our supply chain is relatively healthy. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2021 #43
Oh yes -the government's role is related to infrastructure and malaise Oct 2021 #45
MSM in conjunction with the conservatronic PTB are Carterizing their own creation. jaxexpat Oct 2021 #44
Great post malaise Oct 2021 #46
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